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Creative Classer's Bike Lock Cut by NYPD Because Biden

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and Because Terrorism. (NYPD seized the bike and stashed it somewhere other than where the hapless computer programmer had parked it at 9am or so -- assuming it would be there when he got out of work and wanted to ride it home.)

I guess when you're a Mayor's personal army you can seize a working person's wheels on a whim with no notice or anything. But if you work in computers in NYC, Ray Kelly actually issues an apology, because NYC's future is Silicone, of course (let's hope not). (*) I'm not sure the same courtesy would have been extended to a person who was working at McDonald's (those socialists who want to rob the company of all their money by asking for $15.00/hr pay.)

Nice freebie at the end, where the journalist notes that Biden's contact page (with link) does not work.

(*) One imagines that if the bike had belonged to one of Slimin' Dimon's employees a similar courtesy would have been extended as for the computer person.


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Yes, how about that "hero doorman"! Also remarkable is how Bloomberg's NYPD soldiers did not smash him down to the ground, cuff him, kick him and take him on a 48 hour involuntary tour of NYPD's precincts, holding cells and maybe Rikers. Again, speculating of course, there's doormen to the creative classes and then there's doormen to McDonald's workers (oops, that analogy doesn't quite work).