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Creationist loons

Here's a beaut:

What is a species? The evolutionary answer seems simple enough: a species is an interbreeding population.

Most people walk away from biology classes with this definition, and it is this definition which causes problems. (In the first DVD of Hovind's debate series, you can hear one college student give this exact definition.)

Notice that by this definition, those that are not interbreeding are not part of the species. This means that a virgin is not, by this definition, a human.

Teh stupid! It b-u-r-r-r-r-r-n-s!


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I've always found this discovery disturbing. But of all of their talking heads, Dembski stands above the rest for disingenuous scholarship.

This does burn.

Darwin might see him as a throwback. Einstein would know he is an idiot.