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Crazy talk from Avedon

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Is it necessarily a good thing when a nominal ("pro-business") Democrat beats out a Tea Party candidate who wants to bring the troops home and get rid of the Patriot Act? Is it meaningful if a Democrat will "vote the right way on Choice" (on a floor vote) if they will always be acting in concert with the kind of Democrats who threw ACORN under the bus? For that matter, are these Democrats really defending reproductive choice, or are they just allowing it to be whittled away? And why is Harry Reid sounding like Dick Cheney, and should we really want someone like that in our Congress? If the people vote against a Tea Party candidate, even if he's never advocated weakening Medicare, because he's a Republican, and vote for a Democrat who has the support of a Democratic leadership that clearly does intend to weaken Medicare, just because she says vouchers are bad, is that really any kind of a win for us? This is the situation we are in; what do we do about it?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. D legs good; R legs bad.

My answer to what we should do is kick the props out of from under the legacy party system by destroying one of the parties, and I don't care which one; I focus on the Ds because I used to be one. I don't know how "practical" that is, but sometimes the only real choice seems practical only in retrospect. Besides, I'm not pro-torture, so I can't vote for Obama no matter what.

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in George Orwell references lately? I've seen like 5 this morning and I've only been awake for a little while. If yes, perhaps the world is waking up to the double speak.

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Will have to wait till after I've had more caffeine. Brain no work so good without it.

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This is the situation we are in; what do we do about it?

A start is not to vote for any Democrat or any Republican. A vote for either is a vote for corporatism, kleptocracy, and the surveillance state. Just say no. Or to riff from the Hippocratic oath. First, do no harm.