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CQ politics makes stuff up

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Alex Wayne

A coalition of liberal advocacy groups and labor unions is trying to breathe new life into the idea of a European-style “single-payer” health system in the United States, a concept thought discredited after the collapse of President Bill Clinton’s attempt at overhauling the health care system.

European countries either have socialized medicine or tightly regulated non-profit insurance systems with employers required to pay health insurance.

CANADA has single payer.

The Clinton health plan was a complicatd, easily demonized system very similar to the Fannie Med system that Daschle is proposing.

Single payer is supported by a majority of Americans, a majority of doctors, and you just look stupid when you try to make things up.

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Submitted by connecticut man1 on

to bang my head their heads with a keyboard. Haven't these people ever researched anything before in their lives?

I am guessing they are assuming that 65% of Americans are liberals? Does that make this weeks story stupid? Last weeks story about conservative America? Or both?

Submitted by jawbone on

wrong in the right ways. They just have to spew the lines that fit whatever world view their paymasters want expressed. Now, had this guy written factually, he would have been out of step with the current journamalism.

Might have been made fun of by his MCM betters. Might have been taken to the woodshed. Might have lost his job. He gets the message.

We get crap.

*MCMer--Member of the Mainstream Corporate Media