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A couple things ...

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This is a test of the group communication system, so let's see how it works. In theory, group members (i.e., kerril and jerztomato) should be able to read this post when logged in, but no one else can.

Anyway, while we're here, I wanted to let you know that I used the scheduling options button last night to post today's Plantidote and Lambert is right -- it works great!

All you have to do is type in the date and time you want the post to appear. The time was a bit confusing, because it's military time and you need to specify hour, minute and second. But all that really means is that instead of typing in 0800 (the military equivalent of 8 am EST), you put in something like 08:30:30. The two numbers in the middle signify half past 8 am (8:30 in non-military time) and the final two numbers are the seconds. (You don't have to use those exact numbers for it to work, that's just the example.) We don't really need that degree of precision, but that's the way the software is written, so ...

Also, here's the link to my flickr account, where the Plantidote images are stored:

Feel free to look around and comment, if you like -- and don't be shy about critiquing. If a shot is confusing or if you've got something better along the same lines, feel free to note that. I am hoping that if we can see at least a portion of what we've got in one place, we'll get a better idea of what would be good to add.

For the sake of variety, I'd like to do a non-cactus/succulent tomorrow. If anything strikes your fancy, just holler and I'll get it ready to go.

kerril, are you still okay with taking Thurs and/or Fri? Jerz, you're not available until Oct 9 or 10th, right? Just clarifying ...

THANKS! Have a great day and talk soon, t

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