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Countdown To Christmas (12)

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(Open thread and bonus music below the fold.)

Elizabeth & The Catapult - Christmas with the Jews

Christmas with the Jews by Elizabeth & The Catapult on Grooveshark

The line about softball with the Hasids absolutely slays me, maybe because of this* (around the 14:30 mark):

You are weird...You look like you walked out of another century, you play baseball like Babe Ruth, you talk like you're from outer space.

Lest you think Elizabeth a mere novelty, she released her second album this year, and it includes this gem:

Elizabeth & The Catapult - Open Book

Open Book by Elizabeth & The Catapult on Grooveshark

Lovely, no?

* Here is a weird thing. I saw The Chosen one time, probably over thirty years ago. I remember liking it quite a bit. But I had long forgotten the names of the characters, the plot, everything - except that one line. Why is that? It's not especially witty or devastating. It's a strange combination of compliment and insult, so maybe it stuck with me because of that. I can't figure anything else though. So open thread, Correntians: what seemingly insignificant item have you unaccountably remembered, and what is your best guess as to why?

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