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Countdown To Christmas (09)

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Kate Diaz - Christmas Smiles

Christmas Smiles by Kate Diaz on Grooveshark

Interesting background on this one below the fold.

My default position on charity music is: don't bother. There is only one reason to spend money on music and that is because you dig it. Most Christmas "benefit" compilations/singles are lazy and uninspired affairs. The only ones I've heard that I think are worth spending cash money on are Snow Angels by Over the Rhine and It's That Time Of Year by The Revelations. That said, I was introduced to the song in 2010 by the now-departed Indie Music Database:

I have a soft spot for cure for cancer causes and simply anything about kids -- so when this song ended up in our mailbox, I couldn't pass up posting it. Of course, I had to hear the tune myself first, and seeing how the artist introduced herself as a 13-year old girl from the suburbs of Chicago, who composed and performed the song to raise funds for kids with cancer, I found it all the more intruiging. And boy, it did not disappoint. Kate Diaz is an absolute pro, and Christmas Smiles sounds like a song made by a singer/songwriter who's been at it for years. Seeing how she's using her God-given talent to make a difference in people's lives, makes me ashamed on how I spent many hours of my youth in front of the computer playing Digger. Rather than lament on my wasted potential (I should have done Digger tourneys to raise awareness for socks with sandals victims), I'm here to back up Kate and spread the word. Here's an audio sample from a live acoustic performance Ms. Diaz put up on YouTube. You can download and donate for a full band version of the song at iTunes or Amazon to benefit CureSearch for Cancer.

Unlike most other such efforts, this one comes across as completely guileless. It's a good song, and I wouldn't share it with you otherwise. But if you're going to be guilted into spending money on one song this holiday season, make it this one. Her site is here

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