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Coulter looks bad, and sounds defensive and angry

I can't imagine... Well, I have pity for the poor bastard who was holding up the sign saying "Marry me, Ann." Especially if he ever gets his wish.

Anyhow, good for Elizabeth Edwards for calling bullshit on a fully paid up member of the VRWC. It's been far too long since anybody did that.

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which can be found here.

Hint: the Forces of Good are leading rather decisively at this point (95%-4.5%; don't ask me where that other .5% went to, possibly the bathroom to puke up their lettuce-leaf dinner) but that's with only 2300+ votes. Anybody so inclined should

a) go help out the Forces of Good; maybe one of these days they'll have Elizabeth on instead of the StickChick for a whole hour

b) ignore the silly bint as it just encourages them to have her (Ann T.Christ) on more often for the sake of ratings.

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"What a silly bunt," is what you meant to write, I think.

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"Bint" is correct, if outdated. Bint is British slang for a woman or girl, but it is always disparaging and offensive and signals the user as lower class and unrefined.

To wit:

I mean, if I went 'round saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!--Monty Python & The Holy Grail

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For precisely the reasons corinnem lays out, with indeed the precise quotation I was thinking of. I did of course omit the 'moistened' part...this is Ann Coulter we're talking about after all. Jeez.

While "Ms." Coulter does occasionally inspire baseball (particularly "bat") related imagery, this was not the case in this instance.

corrinem, I am a historian by semi-trade and inordinately fond of outdated terms, particulary those of a disparaging, offensive, lower class and unrefined sort. In fact you seem to have me pegged to an almost mystical, if not indeed alarming, degree. Come sit over here with me, I keep the Makers Mark bottle at my workstation. :)

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I pity the future Mr. Coulter too. She'll surely eat him after mating.

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I'm a longtime reader and that was my first comment. I always try to make a quality first comment and Monty Python is usually a safe bet. (I also own the entire series on DVD; I'll bring that with me.)

Since you have the Maker's Mark handy, I'll have a Manhattan. With two maraschino cherries, please.

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That's why there was as little applause for Elizabeth Edwards - it was all coming from people not standing in the first couple of rows surrounding her.

What I loved was Coulter's admission that if she were to give up making personal attacks she would have to give up writing books and speaking out, repeated several times, mind you, when she sought to...uh, rephrase what Elizabeth had said to claim that it added up to telling Coulter to stop writing books...

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Ann Coulter is a disgusting human being, and butt0ugly to boot. No wonder GOP men are so grumpy and pissed off all the time, all they got to look at is anorexic old bags like Coulter, Matalin, Ingraham, and Crowley.

Man, I would be pissed to if that was the hottest girls by party could produce. Meanwhile DNC hotties from Debra Messing to Jennifer Garner (or Jennifer Aniston)and from Liv Tyler, Uma Thurman, Juliane Moore, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connolly, Natalie Portman, and of course Angelina Jolie. All of the above mentioned women are card carrying Democrats, and every one is about a 100% more patriotic, politically astute, and vastly superior as real Americans then Coulter/Ingraham. Matalin and the other GOP bimbots.

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And they've got Shirley Temple Black. And there yo have it....

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