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Could Kos's Support of Charlie Crist Be Anymore Obvious?

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Back in February Kos suggested Crist switch parties and run as a Democrat in the upcoming Florida Senate race, a clear endorsement of Charlie Crist for Senate:

If he(Crist) wants to survive in politics, switching is his only hope. What's more, I'd welcome him into my party.
Here's the bottom line: there are only two people who can win that seat -- Crist and Rubio. I'd much rather it be the former, and Crist ain't gonna do it as a Republican.

Now with Crist running as an Independent, and Rubio running as a Republican, Meeks had an outside chance of winning as the Democrat in the three way match up. However, now Meeks is facing an unlikely primary opponent, Jeff Greene, a self-financed millionaire who made his money off the mortgage crisis. Establishment Democrats in Florida say if Greene wins they will feel free to support Kos's candidate, Republican Governor Charlie Crist.


What does Kos say today? Get your smelling salts, he's outraged that Democrat Meeks is being slimed by Jeff Greene:

And to think, I used to respect Joe Trippi. Now he's behind shit like this:

Jeff Greene, the eccentric billionaire running for Senate in Florida, has released a new ad calling for an investigation of his opponent in the Democratic Primary, Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL), over the earmarks the Congressman sought for a developer now facing fraud charges. The ad isn't targeted at voters, however. It's up in the DC market, making the case for Congress to look into the matter.And to think, I used to respect Joe Trippi. Now he's behind shit like this.

So here is Kos clutching his pearls over Greene sliming Meeks by repeating the slime, he then goes on to trash Rubio. The only candidate not mentioned in the post? You guessed it, Charlie Crist.

Now Meeks is no liberal and I am not a supporter, however, I'm also not a big supporter of growing the Democratic Party by making it more Republican. My question is why is the election of Charlie Crist to the US Senate so important to Kos? And more importantly, why is he manipulating his readers with faux-outrage? And, finally, why do they fall for it?

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Submitted by mass on

concerned with it. If I were really tin foilly I would think either Obama's admin wants Crist and is egging Kos on or he's being paid off or something.

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Submitted by dblhelix on

great to "see" you online again.