If you have "no place to go," come here!

Could it be that being forced to buy junk insurance doesn't play well with youth?

AP, but anyhow:

Professors and students themselves also are noticing the quiet on college campuses, which were hotbeds for "Obamamania" during the campaign.
"They're supportive, but in a bystander kind of way," says Laura Katz Olson, a political science professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

Certainly, health care was on their priority list then, and remains so. An AP-GfK poll conducted earlier this month found that two-thirds of 18- to 29-year-olds rated such reform as "very" or "extremely" important. So far, though, the proposed health care overhauls have failed win the support of a good number of them. Only about half of them said they approved of the way the president was handling health care and only 38 percent said they supported health care plans being discussed in Congress.

[Mary Ellen Balchunis, a political science professor at LaSalle University] thinks the president could boost youth support on these and other issues — and get them influencing their parents, as they did in the election [Thanks, guys!] — if he mobilized and spoke directly to them, the way he did during the campaign. He could for instance, make use of the well-organized student groups that campaigned for him to push the issues of the day.

Hey, I've got an idea!

How about a health care plan that doesn't suck?

If he doesn't, Balchunis thinks that also could have negative ramifications for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, because those young voters will lose interest and won't bother to show up at the polls. That's what happened, she says, after her own young generation was initially excited about Bill Clinton when he was first elected president in 1992. Then, just two years later, Democrats lost control of Congress.

[pounds head on desk.]

NOTE I honestly think that it's elected, schmelected with a lot of these guys. They're made, now. So, if they lose an election, they become lobbyists, or maintain the structure of bullshit and lies some other way. Makes it hard to influence them through the democratic process, once being an elected representative is the ruling class equivalent of an unpaid internship.

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