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Could it be...

That [the worthy successors of] Anal Marie Cox don't know what teabagging means?

Because whatever those guys are doing, it's not teabagging -- which is a particularly intimate way of sucking up to those in power. These guys are just a bunch of sad fucks holding a stupid demo; there's nobody they're sucking up to at all.

Not, of course, that Wonkette would ever obfuscate the nature of power relationships in the Village....

UPDATE No, I thought Cox was still Wonkette. Shows how much I read Wonkette. Damn. How provincial of me. And to me, the "-er" is the one performing the, ahem, service (mnemonic: Broder) , and the "-ee" is the one receiving it. One averts one's eyes. One draws the veil. This is a family blog. And Atrios has a better link anyhow.

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Submitted by caseyOR on

to admit this, but I don't know what teabagging means. I have often wondered what the term's definition might be. Will someone please enlighten me?

Submitted by lambert on

The urban dictionary is a wonderful resource. See here for a usage example.

Yes, this is a family blog, but every family is unique...

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Submitted by Damon on

Yes, this is a family blog, but every family is unique...

That was just great, Lambert.

So, where were the signs protesting the Big Giveaway? It never ceases to amaze me how much your average, working conservative will defend or at least remind silent on Big Business bailouts and preferable treatment, but get all up in a tizzy when something's proposed that actually helps average, working people like themselves.

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Submitted by herb the verb on

Of David Denby because he apparently commented on their repeated trashing of Chelsea Clinton and got it wrong that the person writing wasn't female.

Pretty thin gruel, but if you are Wonkette, you work with what ya got, yeah? Besides, any stick to beat a dog, and if it boosts your hits to, why not try it. After all, ya gotta try something

But what if DENBY was being snarky?

Submitted by lambert on

When you subtract the errors on the writers, we're left with this statement:

When a piece of snark doesn’t make sense, some hidden fury may be screwing up the writing.

Absolutely true. We saw that over and over again in the late primary wars. It takes a great satirist -- or a Molly Ivins or Gene Lyons -- not to let fury take control of the writing, and great satirists are thin on the ground these days.

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all of you. I am now informed.

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Submitted by vastleft on

1. I'm unsure of your usage of "teabagging" as something servile. Isn't the teabagger the one being, um, serviced?

2. Isn't Ms. Cox long gone from Wonkette?