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Corrina, Corrina

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Not sure when this is from, but whenever it was, it shows that "never forget" doesn't apply to the folks in NOLA.

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My dad used to play that 45 for me when I was about 3 or 4.

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before I got it. I'm not caffeinated yet.

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I don't care if someone calls it Katrina or Corrina as long as they take action.

All the Katrina-related problems in New Orleans, the pre-disaster planning, the poor response, and the failure to properly reconstruct, were not accidents. And they did not occur because Republicans like Laura Bush (or even Barbara Bush) just don't care enough and are oblivious to the problems.

They occurred because -- as Naomi Klein ably documented in The Shock Doctrine -- the GOP relentlessly pushes a toxic political and economic agenda. Sadly, many Democrats, even if they don't agree with it, enable this agenda. They provide political cover by giving the Republicans the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to help (as Bill Clinton did after Katrina struck). Democrats generally either cut Republicans a break for "mistakes." Or, as in the case of this post (which is funny), mock Republicans for being out of touch, without looking at the far vaster and more structural problems.

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Submitted by vastleft on a problem because it doesn't focus on "the far vaster and more structural problems"?

Y'know, the amount of time, passion, and intellect that has been donated to this blog to shed light on those structural problems deserves better than your constant carping. Maybe you should read some of the more than 1,000 Katrina-related links on Corrente dedicated to this topic:

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Hey, I said it was funny.

My point is that I think it can be dangerous to act as if the problem in New Orleans is that the GOP isn't paying enough attention ("it shows that “never forget” doesn’t apply to the folks in NOLA"). In fact, they are paying good attention. To the tune of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, to insure that the outcome is the exact opposite of what most progressives would wish to see there.

This isn't carping. I'm making an observation. I thought one of the points of Corrente was to discuss how Democrats and progressives discuss issues. Take it for what it is worth.