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If you ever have a moment's doubt about the importance of what we are doing here at Correntewire, you have only to look at the vast sums of money that are being spent to deal with bloggers, both by private interests and our own government.

This money is being spent to either marginalize bloggers, or even better, co-opt them. But Correntewire will not be co-opted, it is your blog and nobody elses.

That is why everyone is a front pager on Correntewire. No games, just post, this is your community. According to Alexa Corrente wire ranks 81,419 out of all web sites in the United States, and has over 1000 inbound links. Yet everyone is a front pager at Corrente. It is a remarkable public square that lambert has created at tremendous personal cost, especially opportunity cost.

In the immediate future we will see the roll out of Obamacare. There is every reason to believe that it will be less a roll out than a train wreck. We need a place where we can discuss this. We need a place to follow the facts wherever they lead us without fear or favor. There really isn't any other blog in a position to preform this vital service.

Then we need a place for Ms ExPat to keep us informed on events in Hong Kong and Asia. We need a place for legsgetitdone to talk about the Platinum Coin Solution. Never forget the crucial role played by Corrente in launching the Platinum Coin solution into the mainstream. We need a place for all our great contributors.

But we could do much more if lambert had the funds. At minimum he needs to pay for the server costs and replace his badly scratched glasses. But really he need substantial funds so that he can concentrate on his blogging and not be worried about the daily necessities of life. It would be even better if he could raise sufficient funds to pay for travel.

If you are short of funds, it is enough to read and share links with friends and family. But if you are in a position to make a monthly commitment, or simply a one time donation, that would be wonderful. We need a public square to discuss what needs to be done for our country. lambert has provided us with that public square, but he needs our help to maintain it.

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Submitted by lambert on

Blogging is my job. In addition to wanting to blog, because I enjoy it, I'm good at it, and I feel it does make an impact (see the campaigns above), blogging is also my job.

It's an essential part of my personal economy; it's not some sort of sideline that I do for pocket money that I don't really need.

Blogging covers the essentials (and I regard not losing weeks worth of food, or my foundation, to woodchucks as an essential).

My situation is a little more dire than usual this summer because both town policies (dumping rental units on the market) and the damage my previous tenants caused have caused my summer income to flat line. And of course I have to catch up with the bills before the hearing season begins in October. Winter is coming...

So if you find what we do here heartening or educational or useful... It's your help that makes it all possible, and not foundation money dropped from the sky or money from the Democrats or any other source.

If everybody who came here gave just one dollar a month.... I'd be rich (to me, rich) beyond dreams of avarice -- and not spending hours and days and weeks painting and plastering instead of blogging!
It's a continuing high wire act.....