If you have "no place to go," come here!

Correntewire is in the top 533 political websites!

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We're all interconnected!

It's a small blogworld after all.

Look at the people we link to and those who link to us...fascinating map of the political blogosphere. Wow, checking this out and thinking this over could take all night.

Thanks, PW!

Check it out:

Go to the box on the left side and under search put our address. Yes, we're THAT small blue dot! Wave everyone!

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

you'll see a link below the search box. Click that link and it will show you the stats.

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Once I took it out, things worked perfectly. Thank you!

What a fun tool.

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Submitted by FrenchDoc on

it took KB 2 seconds to check out The Confluence?? :-)

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Submitted by amberglow on

everyone rocks, no?

: >

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.... :)

How much do I owe you?

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Oh. That feeling.

That feeling my traumatic numbing is trying to shut down?

Not to worry.

No further feelings shall be felt.

There now.

That feels -- better?

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I think I need more coffee...