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Corrente Summer Fundraiser

UPDATE Ding ding ding! Happily, we have a 100th donor, and this fundraiser actually met its goal -- and in the summer, too: A low-traffic time. Thank you all. (I apologize that in the midst of this I bought the paint you enabled me to buy and began to paint some interiors, making for lighter posts than usual in the midst of a fundraiser, which isn't exactly Marketing 101, but needs must when the devil drives!) I'm going to leave this post sticky still for a two reasons: First, some of you may only now be returning from your trips to the Riviera or Himalayan expeditions, and so have not had the opportunity to contribute; second, I have an approach that I hope will avoid this stressful and risky bi-annual event and create some excellent and above all hopeful content as well, by rebooting Campaign Countdown with some improvements, but I can't write it up until I have the painting under control. So thank you all again, very much: Corrente is not a hobby for me, and your help is the only thing that keeps it (and me) going.

UPDATE 73 84 87 91 94 95 96 97 98 99 donors is good! Who wants to be the 100th? I suppose I should offer an incentive of some sort, but I'm no marketer. (Then again, the 1st donor puts te fundraiser over the top as much as the 100th.) Readers, thoughts?

UPDATE 73 84 87 91 94 95 96 97 98 donors is good. 100 would be even better. Only two more -- will you be one of them? Then I can take this post down and write up some other thoughts I've had about keeping Corrente afloat...

UPDATE 73 84 87 91 94 95 96 97 donors is good. 100 would be even better. Just this evening!

UPDATE 73 84 87 91 94 95 96 donors is good. 100 would be even better. So near and yet so far!

UPDATE 73 84 87 91 94 95 donors is good. 100 would be even better. Partly to unsticky this post; partly to achieve a goal; and partly to pay the bills! Thanks to all who have contributed so far, which makes Corrente possible, but if each of our 40,000 unique visitors a month gave one (1) dollar... We'd be funding original reporting!

UPDATE 73 84 87 91 94 donors is good. 100 would be even better. C'mon guys, you want to drag the Overton Window left, or not? After which exhortation, I will post again lightly today -- I have to do the prep work to put the paint -- which I couldn't have gotten without your help! -- on the walls!

UPDATE 73 84 87 91 donors is good. 100 would be even better. Corrente (read below) has had an amazing run going back 8 years (!!!) to July 2005 (and two years before that at Blogger). Since I have my head down over the keyboard most of the time, I sometimes forget to look back at the broad sweep of all the amazing writing that's been done. Corrente is a truly independent voice. But only you, readers, keep it alive!

UPDATE 73 84 87 donors is good. 100 would be even better. C'mon. Pravda on the Potomac and Izvestia on the Hudson both have pay walls. Their reporters come in to their cubes and collect paychecks. They don't even have to pay for their server! And this tiny little blog scooped them on how credit reporting agencies are going to be checking your income for ObamaCare eligibility. David and Goliath, mkay? But David needs a rock, and not a pebble. Your donations are that rock.

UPDATE OK, just let me crass and triumphalist, here. Read the UPDATE at this post. I totally p0wned both the Times and Ezra Klein on a huge ObamaCare story. So send me money, and I can keep doing that!!!!!! [lambert blushes modestly.] 73 84 87 donors is good. But 100 would be even better. After all, if every unique visitor to this site paid one (1) dollar a month, I'd be soaking in it! And I'd really like to get down to Goal #8 -- "pay other bills" -- like cross off the medical center test when I discovered I didn't have melanoma, for example.

UPDATE So far, 27 31 45 73 84 87 donations (and Correntians, do feel free to leave comments....). Thank you! Your donations have taken me through goal #1 (goals) of paying the server forward a bit, and through #2 of buying paint and plaster, and into goal #3, a new set of progressive trifocals. (Yes, fancy glasses so I can bend my head down to the screen and work, and then lift my head to spot the woodchuck when I hear rustling in the grass).

Corrente is not part of any political tribe or faction. That makes us unusually dependent on contributions from individual readers. Won't you help? Because if you like the work we do, that's what it takes! Your help! The contribution buttons -- PayPal or WePay -- are at your left.

The suggested amount is $25, which isn't much for a full year of Corrente, eh? But if you can only donate less, that's OK; we know many readers are squeezed, and worse. But if you can donate something more substantial, we'll definitely accept that!

[10:56AM I pause here to note that this post is shorter than it should be right now, because the entire areahad a power failure that started before I was even awake, including the university (!!), to which I fled, and the power only now came up!]

[12:01PM Not only, I keep revising it!]

Some background, for anybody who came in late: Corrente started in 2003 on Blogger, and moved to this location in 2005. That means Corrente has a tremendous back catalog. We have major collections on:

  1. Bush's Surveillance Program (2006)
  2. The Financial crisis* (2008)
  3. Fracking (2010)**
  4. Tahrir Square Protests (2011)
  5. European Protests (2011)
  6. Campaign Countdown (2012)

Corrente has also been involved in major campaigns for:

  1. Single payer (2009; we were the goto blog for single payer***)
  2. MMT (2010, we organized a conference)
  3. Proof Platinum Coins (2012-2013; Corrente was at the epicenter)

And we do all this in addition to regular daily posts on the news of the day, as well as posts on Common Household Remedies, gardening, and whatever else it pleases people to write.

So if I had to shut down the server, that would be quite a loss! 36,347 posts (SELECT COUNT( * ) FROM node) through the Bush and now the Obama administrations....

Corrente's philosophy is that you can post whatever you want, as long as it's well-written. Every post is front-paged. There is no thumbs-up/thumbs-down mechanism, as at Daily Kos, because I hate the game-playing there. People can show up here and say what they can't say elsewhere, or find their voice if they don't have one, or simply say what is in their hearts.

So I like to think of Corrente as a writer's blog. That's why PA_lady, out of the blue, appeared with a series on fracking; that's why MsExPat appeared, out of the blue, to report on Thailand, from the ground; that's why the Plantidotians contributed so many lovely images; that's why danps contributes music every Saturday and Sunday mornings... Seriously, what other blog lets you create your own site logo?

* * *

Corrente is one of the few independent**** political blogs left standing (unlike Violet's Place or The General, for example; gone in the last year). That's because full-time blogging -- that's my job, it's what I do -- is incredibly hard work and the rewards, though great, are not financial.

So I'm almost always in dire straits; not as dire as some -- I have an online voice and, as readers know, a "This Really Old House" that I can rent some rooms in -- but plenty dire. For example, with your help, this summer I would like to:

  1. Continue to pay for the Corrente dedicated server
  2. Purchase paint and materials to paint rooms and repair severe tenant damage*****
  3. Buy a new pair of glasses (my old pair of progressive trifocals is horribly scratched)
  4. Pay the electrical bill
  5. Pay the water bill
  6. Fence the garden
  7. Catch and remove woodchuck, prevent further invasion******
  8. Pay other bills!

Nothing dramatic or luxurious!

NOTE * Where I encountered Naked Capitalism, and the financial blogosphere, which I had hitherto not known about.

NOTE ** Well before fracking was on the radar screen at the major blogs.

NOTE *** The Obama-supporting career "progressive" blogs not only supported what became ObamaCare, they imposed a news blackout on single payer events, and censored and banned single payer advocates.

NOTE **** By "independent," I mean not funded in any way by the nomenklatura of the legacy parties. I also mean that Corrente really does try to encourage critical thinking. This is a tough crowd if you're a tribalist or a partisan.

NOTE ***** If I can't paint and replace the house soon, I can't show it fall tenants in August. That would be bad.

NOTE ****** The friggin' pests could damage the foundations!

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jo6pac's picture
Submitted by jo6pac on

be back on Wed. with a little $$ that's when the SS check arrives.

DCblogger's picture
Submitted by DCblogger on

I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated in the past and everyone who is donating to this drive.

Corrente is the only group blog I know of where everyone one is a front pager. So I get to see contributions from Ohio, danps, libby liberal, hipparchia, and so many others. It gives exposure to great bloggers who otherwise would have a much tinier audience.

It also takes on issues based on merit and not pragmatism. So we saw through the Public Option Zombie Sparkle Pony as a roach motel that it was and remains.

And Corrente was the first non-economics blog to propagate Modern Monetary Theory, thanks to letsgetitdone and others.

Corrente has followed the solidarity movement from Spain, to Greece, to Egypt, to Wisconsin, to the Ohio repeal fight, to Occupy, Corrente has followed the struggle.

Corrente plays a unique role in American political blogosphere. I know that many Corrente readers are on a very tight budget. For those it is enough to read Corrente and share links with family and friends. But among our readers there must be some in a position to make a monthly commitment. This is an investment in the future of our country. It is an investment to maintaining an open dialog and give a voice to those who otherwise would be locked out. Please give generously if you are in a position to do so.

Alfa Zog's picture
Submitted by Alfa Zog on

On Sunaday, I viewed at Youtube: "PSYWAR - The Real Battlefield is the Mind Part 1" , for which the Link is (hopefully) to be found here . One learns that Public Relations is a $200 billion a year industry in the USA. So, I'm considering making a small contribution to Corrente's Summer Fundraiser.
On the topic of financial backers, yes it matters. Generally speaking, I'd suggest the "agenda" or "menu" of a publication aligns with the agenda/menu of its financial backers. Too much "Yes Sir!", fawning and or "Echo Chamber" can lead to a less vigorous debate. But too many "agents provocateurs", spammers and disinformationists or "hired commenters" is a greater evil, IMHO. Alfa.

Submitted by lambert on

The weekend went well, but today is going a lot less well. I'm not yet in a position to pay all the bills. My cunning plan to blog and grow rich has not worked out!

athena1's picture
Submitted by athena1 on

I can't have a bank account. When I try to, they seize all the money I put in, over old medical bills about epileptic seizures.
But be it by money order or whatever, I will, by god, contribute to corrente.

Submitted by lambert on

If you feel that you must, do so. But again, there are Correntians (maybe more here than other places) who really are not in a position to give. They shouldn't! I don't want that kind of money! (That said, if every unique site visitor paid one dollar a month, there'd be no problem funding Corrente at all.)

How about if somebody takes over athena1's donation? Or matches it? Readers?

jo6pac's picture
Submitted by jo6pac on

All right I received my entitlement check today and sent my $25.00 so please send something I don’t want the woodchucks to win or people not know how they’re getting screwed by 0bummercareless.

On another thought what happened to gardening?

Submitted by lambert on

We shall fight on gardens, planting grounds, in fields, in paths and on the beds. We shall never surrender! The woodchucks will never win!

* * *

But it's not an "entitlement." It's social insurance. "Entitlement" is a neo-liberal construct designed to divide recipients into the deserving and the undeserving.

jo6pac's picture
Submitted by jo6pac on

But it's not an "entitlement." It's social insurance

LOL yes I know but that all we ever hear isn't.

letsgetitdone's picture
Submitted by letsgetitdone on

I was a little thin at the time of the last fund raiser and I never did deliver on the $50 I committed to. So this time I did that and threw in $25 more. Hope it helps. Little by little you'll get there, since anyone with half a brain knows Correntewire is essential to the blogosphere.

Submitted by lambert on

Or, to be fair, exactly half a brain.....

* * *

I don't want anybody who's thin to donate to Corrente instead of paying the gas company or a doctor's bill.

By the time token, your donations -- there is no foundation or party money funding Corrente, which is why we can say the things we do -- help me pay my gas bill (and the doctor's bill) and if I can't keep doing that, there is no Corrente.

Submitted by candy on

Done :) Aww hell, I disagree with you more than agree, but would hate for the hamster to die or starve.....;)