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Corrente seeks pro bono legal counsel

On commercial law, I think. I've got some innovative ideas about the site that EFF told me to talk to a lawyer about ("We don't offer legal advice.") But I don't have any money.*

So, I need a real lawyer to do some pro bono work for Corrente. You can contact me at

NOTE * Or not very much, until I have a fundraiser, and that money has to go to RL things like the hamsters and property taxes and not legal services. Sorry!

UPDATE Hat tip, But I Did Everything Right. If you like Corrente, you'll like that blog, too. And this request isn't lightly made, it's real. So do contact me!

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Submitted by Anne on

if nothing else, it might put you in contact with someone who has some ideas about how to accomplish what you need done.

Most medium-to-large firms now require their attorneys to contribute a certain number of hours to pro bono work, so not only have the opportunities and access increased, but the quality of the legal advice is a cut above.

I'm sorry this isn't more help, but it may give you some avenues to explore.