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Correct Me If I'm Wrong: Isn't "Collective Punishment" Forbidden By Int'l Accords?

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Richard Boudreaux reports for The Los Angeles Times: "Israel approved Thursday a plan to start punitive disruptions of the Gaza Strip's scarce supplies of electricity in response to rocket attacks from the
Palestinian territory.... Since Israel's government began debating the sanctions, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and numerous international organizations have warned against what they say is unfair collective punishment."

But IOKIYAI...(Via TruthOut.Com)

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What, you mean like invading Afghanistan and Iraq because of an attack by the Saudis?

But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists!!

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Minus the death camps. Which is a big minus.

Germany's occupying army after the conquering of Europe by the end of 1940 used all of those techniques - mass punishment to flush out information, holding families and friends responsible for any kind of resistance by an individual, destruction of homes as punishment, all with only the most rudimentary pretense that there were laws or any other constraints on what the SS might choose to do, and the regular army and the various Vichy governments who cooperated went along with it - in France, it was the Special Section courts. Israeli courts aren't quite that corrupt, but when it comes to land claim, Palestinian rights are routinely ignored.

The only thing that Israelis have denied themselves is summary executions, although they do give their military the right to assassinate anyone deemed to be a "terrorist," and if their family happens to be in the car, or on the street with them, or indeed any strangers as well, they can be killed also, without anyone having to notice that this is what terrorists do, blow up innocents. The awful mistake the Palestinians made was not to get themselves a state in the forties, and a national military, then they could blow up whatever they want whenever they want and no one dare call them terrorists.

Those are the facts, Godwin's Law be damned.