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Corporations can't dump secret dough on our elections says Montana Supreme Court


Not sure whether you had linked to this story, but Montana's Supreme Court upheld a state ban on corporate money in political campaign; a direct challenge to Citizens United.

We had a whole lot of corruption because of the Anaconda Copper Mine's influence over politics that the citizens of Montana had enough and passed The Corrupt Practices Law of 1912.


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Swimming Pool is my favorite quote on this topic of Citizens United

"Unquestionably, Montana has its own unique history. No doubt Montana also has compelling interests in preserving the integrity of its electoral process and in encouraging the full participation of its electorate. And Montana may indeed be more vulnerable than other states to corporate domination of the political process. But the notion argued by the attorney general and adopted by this court - that these characteristics entitle Montana to a special 'no peeing' zone in the First Amendment swimming pool - is simply untenable under Citizens United."

- Justice James Nelson, in dissent

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