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Cornyn Challenger: Combat Vet & Commander Rick Noriega

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Stolen from TxKaos, the above image is of Texas Representative (Major) Rick Noriega taking his oath of office for the fourth time -- DURING his deployment to Afghanistan.
What's his position? TexasKAOS's lightseeker says:
(Noriega) called Texas the "crown jewel" in the Bush dynasty's political empire. That means they won't let it go easily at any level. With him, I see a consensus in the state for change, especially of our junior senator. We can do much better. Rick pointed out to the assembled crowd that Harris County is the "deciding point", the pivot upon which the victory over our Bushbot junior senator can be won. Harris County will cast 15-20% of the votes statewide for the US Senate and Harris is trending Democratic over the last several elections. When someone asked him about facing the Rove slime machine as a veteran, reminding the assembled about Kerry's "swiftboating" Rick's reply was right on point. As his wife said in the background, "bring it on..." he said he was ready.

He has received the endorsement and support of General Wesley Clark and his group of pro-change veterans. Unlike Kerry, Rick intends to fire back strong and loud and often. He will not be slimed in silence.

Let me paraphrase his words:
"I am preparing 600 young men and women to return to that sandbox in the next 36 months. That is my job when I wear my other uniform. When I am wearing this [ his civilian uniform ] my job is to speak for them. When incompetent civilian leaders needlessly put their lives at risk, I have an obligation to speak up. "

How long before the Right Wing Slime Machine

starts on this "phony soldier" who's only serving in the Texas House and the United States Military to "pad his resume?" I don't know.

Wesley Clark has endorsed Noriega, and his likeliest primary opponent, well-heeled Mikal Watts, got out of the race a few days ago, citing the strain on his family.

Markos Moulitsas seems to like Noriega. Word around Texas is, he's for real.

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Great post, Sarah.

I'd love to see an ad, "While Senator Cornyn was doing the important work of sponsoring and shepherding a vital motion to condemn Move-On.Org through the Senate, I was training....

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You go to war with the candidate you have, and Noriega seems like a good one, by and large.

He raised some eyebrows and lost some support over this:

Noriega early last month went to Chicago to rub elbows with liberal bloggers at the Yearly Kos convention, and received the endorsement of Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas.

But then Noriega returned home and told the Texas Broadcasters Association that the blogs are as destructive a force in democracy as talk radio.

"We've seen talk radio become an organizing tool for the die-hard right, while liberals are credited with turning the blogosphere into a political weapon. Each of those media has a targeted demographic group and works them into an ideological lather," Noriega said.

"This, I believe, is damaging to the political culture in this country."

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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and TexasKaos, as well as we here at Corrente, have provided not merely the quote above but Noriega's answer to it at the time.

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