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Cornerites hail Obama

Bareback Andy's headline:

A Dam Breaks?

Paper towels, anyone?

It's at times like these that I remember Stein's Law...

And I do have to wonder whether the right wing enthusiasm for America's favorite baritone could be grounded in expectations that are more concrete and specific than ponies...

NOTE Post inspired by Big Orange comment entitled My God. Andrew Sullivan is ON FIRE with...excitement about the possibility of a Barack candidacy." Well, until the fire got, er, doused. I don't mind young. Honest. I do mind stupid.

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may be wise to be prepared to shatter those enthusiastic right wing "expectations" should it be necessary. To stab them to death in their nest. Even before they hatch. Can't be too careful?

rattlin' snakes in the scrub brush! Even the Stallions of Defiance don't like snakes.

Know what I mean?


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... Andrew Sullivan voted for Bush again in 2004. Why the hell does anyone care about what he thinks?