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Cooper Union Update

Yes, the students are still occupying the President's office. Not a lot of news here but the comments are great. Here's one:

I really mean no disrespect to anyone here, however, to say that the school cannot or should not remain free is to say that you are uninformed in this issue. I strongly suggest reading more about it elsewhere, as this is merely a speck of the story. It is the gross mismanagement of funds which has led the school to the situation it is in. The school can remain free and should. It is a beacon of what higher education should be, and to say that "free is not sustainable" is just wrong, when in fact it seems to be the only sustainable model in our country where every 18 year old kid with a dream is slapped down with a massive debt and kept down by this vicious system for their entire life. Cooper Union is the most progressive school in the world and has been ever since Peter Cooper built the foundation building with the entrance facing south, poetically and literally opening the doors of education to the immigrants and working class who, like him, could not afford education. Free education to all may sound a bit impossible but so did the other radical ideas that have been conceived and brought to fruition here, ideas we as a country hold as fundamental values, and all involving freedom (abolishment of slavery, NAACP, and woman's suffragette all had their start at Cooper Union as well as many other crucial movements). I could talk about this all day but should not, so if you are interested in this topic I would suggest reading up on this from all different sources, and I would also check out "The Way Forward" [link] a summary and proposal written by members of the Cooper Union community for a better understanding of the real financial stuff or "Living Within Our Means" written by an engineering professor at Cooper, Toby Cumberbatch [link]

Well, if I were an oligarch, I'd try to destroy Cooper Union, too! Let's be reasonable, here.

Oh, and the Cooper Union administration got a huge tax break from the city of New York on the basis that they were offeriing free tuition. Liars and looters, all of 'em.

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When I started studying at Los Angeles Community College, it was free. Along the way they started charging a modest tuition. But I felt then (30 years ago) that charging any tuition was the wedge. From then on, all they would have to do is keep increasing it. It was a great school, and I felt that the Powers That Be really did not want people without means to have education readily available to them.