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Cooking with Mandos

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Let it not be said that Mandos does not bring the yum, if absurdly spicy food is to your taste. Let it also not be said that Mandos is not up on his Bahb Dohle impressions.

I was visiting close relatives very recently and raided the pantry to make dinner completely out of ad hoc ingredients which I didn't measure, and hence what I made will never be made again. If I could find a few spoonfuls at the bottom of an old jar, I used it. And if I may say so myself, it was delicious, a culinary leprechaun of deliciousness that has been let go for all eternity. But here is the vague guideline from memory on how to repeat this experiment.

Of course, you should all be running to make this right now because it contains the sacred ingredient, cilantro. And lots of it. It's tailor-made for vastleft.

Several onions, sliced
A large amount of sliced mushrooms
A tomato, diced
Several green chilis (the small Thai kind), split and cut into 1.5cm segments
3-4 tablespoons of Shan's garlic pickle achâr (findable at Indian grocers---and Pakistani ones, as Shan is a Pakistani brand)
2 tablespoons of Shan's chili lime pickle achâr (findable at Indian grocers---ditto)
several tablespoons of peanut butter
A can of Campbell's tomato soup
2-3 tablespoons of garlic-ginger paste (findable at Indian/Pakistani grocers)
2 tablespoons of oil
Several filets of salmon (found on sale), a bit thawed
Lots of delicious fresh cilantro.

In a large wok, heat oil. When hot, add garlic-ginger paste. Let fry a little bit, then add onions and salt. When the onions soften a bit, add mushrooms. When the mushrooms soften a bit, add achâr (the whole marinated garlic cloves are important!). Sautée a bit, add tomatoes. Sautée some more, then add peanut butter and chilis. Mix it around a bit until the peanut butter smoothens out. Then add chilis. Add can of soup and some water. Let it simmer for a bit. Then add salmon filets---as they cook, break them up/flake them into the sauce. Add water to desired consistency and add cilantro and simmer for a little while longer. Serve over rice or pasta.

With the salmon, of course, this isn't Bailout Era food. And you need to live near South Asian grocers to make this properly, because the Shan jars were really the whole point of it and made the flavour. But if you were raised like me to expect that food should cause you at least a little bit of pain as you are eating it, and preferably delicious agony, this is the dish for you---if you have leftovers in your cupboards, and some onions and other fresh stuff.

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Rule #34 in action.

There's a word for a person who posts something like this (or, at least there is now): cilantroll.

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But otherwise, I even have a tendency to mastic-ate the garnishes.