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Conyers: "I'm getting tired of saving Obama's can in the White House"

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Via The Hill, John Conyers hammers Obama's weak stance in the healthcare battle in a radio interview:

"I'm getting tired of saving Obama's can in the White House," Conyers said on the liberal Bill Press radio show. "He only won by five votes in the House, and this bill wasn't even anything to write home about."

"The only way he could have got it through was that progressives held their nose," Conyers added.

The veteran Michigan Democrat had teamed with Rep. Dennis Kucinich
(D-Ohio) to push single-payer options in the health reform bill, a
battle which Conyers said was far from over.

And on Rahm Emmanuel? Via the NY Times:

“That’s essentially what Rahm Emmanuel has said,” Mr. Conyers
agreed, adding that he was tired of his approach of “give us anything
and we will declare victory.”

Of health-care legislation, Mr. Conyers concluded: “This is all my
buddy Rahm Emanuel trying to get anything. But look the bill doesn’t go
into effect for three years. Many of the people that we are trying to
help will be dead by then.”

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Submitted by connecticut man1 on

is posturing towards the bills going into the conference between the House and Senate. I hope more progressives grow a pair and start to speak up. And vote according to what they speak about.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Re Conyers:

"When the interview was over, Mr. Press said to his audience, “He’s in rare form this morning.”"

Yeah, no shit, rare, and that's the problem. Maybe if this "form" was less rare we wouldn't be hurtling toward, in this instance, a shit sandwich, and more broadly, a two tier ruler and ruled world.

But, as per usual, Press needs to apologize to his guests for Conyers "rare form", civility and deference to our rulers being the highest virtues in The Village.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

why did he vote for it?

That said, I'm rather glad to see Conyers, the chairman of a powerful House committee, start to mouth off at Obama in public. It's about time the folks in Congress started to defect from Obama.

Submitted by hipparchia on

the hard part though is dragging the whole fkdp over to the better answers.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

When you are a willing participant or observer in election manipulation, I have a hard time trusting you. I believed what the Dems were saying when they were in the minority. Now that they have majorities and a mandate, its their actions that matter, not just words.

The rhetoric from Dem and GOP serve to keep their bases happy while they pillage. Conyers can say all he wants, but what has he done for me lately?

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Submitted by wrensis on

I feel like Yogi Berra..
Everytime I point out the problems with the Health Care bill I am told, but it is "something, we need something". Rahm Emanuel..... give us a bill and we will sign it. Doesn't anyone take the time to investigate the issues and make an informed decision. We are being led down the same "Hope" highway only to jump off yet another cliff. Obama will get his fodder for re-election, and people will pay more for insurance and have the benefits cut. Women's health will be collateral damage and the people who brought us this fine mess will continue to have the best health care available. Color me very old, very tired and glad I will probably not be around to see the results. Jon Stewart "we will be the envy of a medium size African nation".