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Continued Kossack suckitude, as they work to keep Medicare for All "off the table"

Check the latest survey; they ask about the so-called public option, and Medicare buy-in, but not about Medicare for All.

I used to be disgusted. Now I try to be amused.

NOTE The poster claims to support Medicare for All as an "ultimate goal," so why not just put the question in the survey? In fairness, I doubt very much Kos's funders would allow that. Now call me a purist. Or a racist!

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Submitted by katiebird on

or "American Health Security Act of 2011" .... it's especially galling.

I love that bill. The detail.... the cost estimates .... the inclusions (mental health, dental, vision, etc) ... every time read it I fall into a fairytale dreamworld where I believe that it really, really could pass.

But, actually your post doesn't surprise me at all. From the very early days at that site, I found myself in fights over Health Care for Everyone. it's just not something they believe in over there.

It's been 3 years since I was banned there and my days of fighting that issue at that site are long past....

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Submitted by Jeff W on

Sen. Sanders has used the word "experiment" to describe what Vermont is doing—it harkens back (for me, anyway) to the notion of Justice Brandeis of states as "laboratories" in New State Ice Co. v. Liebmann:

It is one of the happy incidents of the federal system that a single courageous State may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory in and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.

I'm not sure Sanders is using the word "experiment" with Brandeis in mind but that's what I think of.

Every time Sanders says uses the word, I cringe: the framing negates—effaces, really—the proven experiences of all the other countries with single payer or not-for-profit health care systems. It reinforces the Herndon Alliance talking point that we need "uniquely American solution" to the health care crisis.

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once we get single payer in one state, the others will have to follow, that is what happened in Canada.

As for Kos polling, it is done by Celinda Lake, a notorious trojan horse. I don't know if it was hipparchia or one of our other posters, but Corrente was the first blog to expose Celinda Lake and the Herndon Alliance.

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I thought I read a front page story on Kos about polling when he said that Celinda Lake does polling for Daily Kos, but I cannot find the reference now, so perhaps my memory is off. I did find this bit:
Biden's and Celinda Lake's propaganda

First, the Washington Post runs a story on a poll which states the rather obvious point that if Obama and Clinton are the nominees, they will be smeared as "liberal" and hurt down-ticket Democrats: ...
...However, the Post didn't bother to mention that Celinda Lake was Joe Biden's pollster -- a salient point, don't you think?

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***It's not a litmus test, and there aren't necessarily any automatic deal-breakers. It's also not 50 questions long—we aren't trying to get a complete dossier on anyone. Rather, we've selected a handful of questions on issues of key importance to the progressive movement. They help define not only who we as progressives are, but they articulate a vision for what we want the Democratic Party to look like. In short, we want to make sure that the candidates we support are ones whose values are in line with this community's.***

Wow... we pay you to talk nice... you don't actually have to be or do anything. Don't end even one of any number of wars, don't establish a jobs or energy plan... don't send looters to prison... don't establish health care as a human right... no no.


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why did i reply at all. you ask? because my power is out due to storms.. so i have a few moments to waste on those losers.

I don't know why i continue to (0+ / 0-)
be so stunned by the weakness of Orangeocrats (assault on progressives).

You tell candidates if elected they don't actually have to act like they mean any of the nice things you want them to say... and you say that up front before you offer up the most feckless compromised solutions/platform ideas imaginable.

I mean you even ask in the poll, not if they will pledge to be a member of the progressive caucus, but simply not a blue dog. How pathetic!

You have no issue which is worthy of drawing one line in the sand... why are you even politically active at all? Your pattern looks like a perfect way to dupe a lot of wel intentioned low info citizens.... with a nice polite NPR type face.

Prog organizations such as this is exactly why i left the D party.. if you don't stand up for yourselves, and present your wants as if you really believe in them, on much less compromised footing, nobody will do anything but take your money, your vote and laugh.

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When it s was labeeld as "single payer, something like Medicare" of "Medicare for All."

Independents and Democrats were somewhat higher, but, iirc, Republicans were for it in the 50's.

Of course, had Obama pushed Medicare for All, he wouldn't have been able to use cuts to Medicare to appeal to DC Republicans. Or pay proper obeisance to St. Ronnie.

Well, this from Wikipedia, shows support reached high 70's. Gee, I'd forgotten that -- no wonder the MCM wouldn't discuss public polling about single payer during the debate!

How would replacing Obamacare with Medicare poll? Apparently, very, very well.

Public opinion in the United States

In a 2009 New York Times/CBS News Poll, Americans supported a single-payer system.Since at least 1987, polls have shown the majority of the public favor a single-payer system when a New York Times/CBS Poll showed 78 percent of people are in favor of such a system.[49]

Between 2003 to 2009, 17 opinion polls showed a simple majority of the public supports a single-payer system in the United States.[16] These polls are from sources such as CNN,[50] AP-Yahoo,[51][52] Quinnipiac,[53] New York Times/CBS News Poll,[54][55][56] Washington Post/ABC News Poll,[57] Kaiser Family Foundation[58] and the Civil Society Institute.[59]

In contrast, an August, 2009 Rasmussen Reports poll, which questioned only registered voters, people were asked, "Do you favor or oppose a single-payer health care system where the federal government provides coverage for everyone?" 32 percent favored; 57 percent opposed.[60][61] Responses depend on the wording. For example, people respond more favorably when they are asked if they want a system "like Medicare." (There's a chart at the link) (My underlining)

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as in someone to the left can challenge the Blue Dog, center rightwad, Corporatist Dem, but once the primary is over only Dems are be voted for.

Now, Obama would do away with the challenges part, of course; but the message is Just Vote Democratic. No questions asked, no demands made on the candidates. Captive votes.

"Where ya gonna go, sweetheart?"

They just do not hear the people saying, "Away from you."