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Worried Librul Holiday Pickles

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So I have some kweshuns for you:

How worried are you, at this point, at much of the econ news that's coming down the pipe right now? How are you faring, personally, and how are your fortunes, for what they are, growing or shinking or otherwise changing? I love Meaningless Personal Anecdotes, I'd love to hear yours.

Also: have you ever made "brine pickles?" If so, how'd they turn out? Where did you 'age' them? What veggies did you use? There's this brand of Israeli pickles I love, with the very simplest of ingredients. But they're brined, and I'm not willing to do that...yet. Have you? Did it work out? What did you use?

I'm fortunate, this year at least. I found/saved up enough to put up a very nice holiday table. I may not be able to buy such luxe again, soon. So I'm all about Grandma's Special Recipe and any gourmet touches you've found to add to your homegrown. I invite all area liberals to my "family is gone away for the holiday visit" party at my post-Thanksgiving holiday weekend party this year, and likely others in future gawdless holidays. I don't think I can stand to read about one more "my family called and said we won't be talking politics this year" dinner request/invite/command. Call me crazy, but no one tells me what I can say, or not, at the dinnertable. Evah.

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My mother used to put up dills, but I recently realized I learned nothing about how she did her canning or gardening or sewing. Gonna have to ask.

As to the economy, Southern California has had two bank failures this weekend and has skyrocketing unemployment in the Inland Empire, which was already struggling with foreclosures. Kind of hard to be anything but worried and pessimistic.

Also, check out this article on the "regulators" at the Office of Thrift Supervision, who apparently learned nothing from that same office's problems in the 1980s-90s.

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I just dummy up like I never hear it, smile, pass the sweet potato pie, pour two fingers of rum and say it anyway. Again. And they get over it.

They're not bad people. Just battered and disassociating from the truly awful realities sometimes. Besides, we're family. They can't excommunicate me, can they? Not yet, anyway. Someday they will get the chance to wheel my senile ass out into a blizzard during nap time. But wait, this is GA --- no blizzards here!

We will do the low-average Thankstaking table, as fortunes for most of the family in ATL are not running that high right now. Turkey and dressing, maybe a ham, conch soup containing some of the yellow yam that makes Usain Bolt run so fast and stretched a bit with grouper -- in our neighborhood you can buy grouper head really cheap, the last of this year's butternut squash --- that stuff keeps really well --- pumpkin bread, side dishes to be named later, and lots of rum.

I have to make the dressing and the pumpkin bread at the very least. They might force me to make the damn turkey itself.

Maybe we will get up to my brother's house in Springpatch IL for the New Year. Haven't told him yet though.