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In which lambert apologizes, once again, for being prematurely correct

David Sirota:

Heads of government having movements organized around them as individuals - rather than having to deal with independent social movements - is something lots of autocratic developing world countries have experience with (think huge murals with pictures of leaders - seems similar to the Obama murals doesn't it?). We may have had presidents who were products of movements before (ie. Reagan), but we've never had presidents who are individual movements unto themselves. It's exciting that the movement could push the progressive whims of the Dear Leader ...


[Reach me some more of that honeymoon cake, wouldja hon?]

... but also frightening, in that it could serve to defend the government from pressure (and as a side note, those who tried to use the election to organize around issues, rather than around individual candidates, were largely attacked in the blogosphere and elsewhere for trying to do that [ahem] - so in that sense the blogosphere [oh, really?] helped create this quandary we're now in).

Mass movements based on the charisma of one individual, and seeking national unity; what could go wrong?

Can we please remember the wise words of Madison: "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." And no political parties either, I might add.

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Obama picks former lobbyist as political director --

"... is reported to have chosen Patrick Gaspard, who was registered as a labour union health lobbyist as recently as election day, as the next White House political director.

The Gaspard pick, first reported by the New York Daily News, elevates a skilled Democratic hand to a post made famous by hard-driving Karl Rove, who was political director during George W Bush's first term, and Rahm Emanuel, who held the slot under Bill Clinton. ..."

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Is it just me, or is Obama's pick of Clinton administration official after Clinton administration official, with a few old Republicans thrown in, the "fuck you" moment to his base that I keep speaking about? This incoming administration is looking even more incestuous than most.

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Because both of those were sustained mass movements and cult of personality phenomena to a degree far in excess of this Obama bubble. When there's a campaign to repeal the 22nd Amendment or proclaim Obama king, wake me up; until then, this is just another slick politician with a relieved and ebullient following, celebrating at least as much over the end of Bush as they are for the emergence of Obama.