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Resetting # of posts per page not working

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My preferred viewing settings are flat view, expanded, with as many posts per page as possible.

It seems that I can only see ten posts per page, no matter which # of posts I choose as a setting and save. Yes, I've tossed my cookies, but that doesn't help.

Also, the default setting seems to reset to Flat/collapsed every time I use the save-settings option, so if I don't change back to flat/expanded, I inadvertently change that setting when I attempt (in vain) to change the posts-per-page option.

This is annoying when I click a new-post indicator in My Blogs or My Comments, because I just get taken to page one of a busy thread and then have to navigate to the bottom of another page to actually see the new content.

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Submitted by lambert on

... although what I see is that the settings may not update to reflect the actual behavior of the page. This isn't something I can necessarily control; I'll have to see if there's a bug report and a patch on the Drupal site.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I'm noticing a lot of latency in the update of the recent comments bar, at least in the how-long-ago-where-they-posted indicators. A few minutes after I wrote the comment "Fuck the trolls," it's still listed as having been posted "1 sec ago."

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Submitted by vastleft on

When I click a link to new posts in "My Posts" or a URL to a comment, if the comment isn't among the first 10, I just end up on the first page of comments and have to click to the last (or intended) page and find the relevant posts... if I can.

This means that if you send a permalink to any comment after the tenth, the permalink won't actually show you the intended post.

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Submitted by admin on

Comment viewing options did not "take," because even after a Save Settings, the controls would revert to Flat/Collapsed/10 per page.

This also accounts for some weird linking behavior, since for an active thread, the link would need to be on the page below the first 10. There is another bug of very long-standing where links to comments only work on the first page; and with users setting the comment counts and hence the page breaks individually, it's not clear what the solution would be. So, the new bug (only the first 10) interacted with the old bug (only the first page) to produce a spate of broken links.

The controls should now take. However, as Drupal pulls pages from cache, controls with old settings may still appear. At least for me, the old settings haven't affected what actually appears on the page. So, give the fix a little time to work through the posting pipeline.