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A Moment's Remembrance, Please -- 45 years ago this afternoon in Dallas

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it began as a sunny day, filled with hope. I will not speak of how it ended here. I am surprised that no one mentioned this anniversary earlier, though.

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necessary to talk about the assassination until, say, the 50th anniversary. That would have been the November of 2003--and it was uncomfortable to talk about JFK while BushBoy was getting his war on. Perhaps there was no connection, but I do recall the decision to not feature the anniversary. Now, no mention at all.

I've been thinking about it, but, no, didn't comment.

Thank you for this post and the photo.

I still tear up whenever I think about this sad death.

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The MCM can go hang for all its power to rule my world.

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A couple of days ago was the 30th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre, which left a whole lot of the Liberal community out here very shaken. Jones had conned a lot of people and most civic and religious leaders here had supported and endorsed him and facilitated the growth of his cult. The guilt over what happened to those poor people is still deeply felt.

In a few more days it will also be the 30th anniversary of the assassinations of George Moscone and Harvey Milk. While Moscone has a big civic building named after him, it was Milk who caught the imagination and around whom a legend (well deserved, to be sure) has grown. George Moscone was in his own right a remarkable figure, brilliant and good and kind and decent and the kind of Progressive figure who, had he lived, could well have gone on to national prominance. Maybe some day there will be a film about his life as well.

This past June was the 40th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy's assassination. While JFK's killing was awful, it was for me also remote. Bobby's, on the other hand, was immediate and close and deeply painful. For what ever reason, it pains me more rather than less with each passing year.

Thanks, Sarah, for putting this up; we should of course remember and reflect and I have, even if for the moment I am dried up and unable to tear.

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I thought about it as soon as I realized it was November 22nd. 45 years ago - seems like yesterday. It remains a very painful memory, especialy when I see pictures like the one you posted.

You can't help remembering what came after...

and we don't seem to be learning any lessons or making any progress in our treatment of our fellow man. That's what's really depressing.