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Credit Crunch a pure play in tomato soup

Bloomberg. Tomato soup sales go up when the economy goes down.

Baked beans, too, I would think. All comfort foods that are cheap.

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Submitted by lexia on

it's winter!

I always switch from salads to soups (including tomato) as soon at the temperature drops. It's almost atavistic.

So maybe this credit crunch is hyped after all and we're just going through another downturn?

Submitted by lambert on

Cause for optimism. IIRC the Bloomberg article did make the correlation, but you're right, I don't recall them correcting for the season.

Submitted by jawbone on

will get it...WITHOUT A PLAN!

Manufacturing--Must have plan.
Big Banksters--Plan understood by other Big Banker Boyz; nothing required in writing.

How cool is that?

And, in retrospect, isn't it too bad that Congress never demanded a PLAN from BushCo for Homeland Security, Afghanistan, and--oh, yeah!--that Iraq Invasion....

Unitary Excutives don't need no stinking plan.


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Submitted by kerril on

we are buying cheaper and those foods we are buying this time of year are cold weather foods. Beans, potatoes, stewing meat etc....
This time of year I go into a baking frenzy. It can be relied on like the sun coming up in the morning. And baking stuff is fairly cheap especially around the holidays.