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Conspiracy Bingo!

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In honor of 9/11 Truthers and dogged conspiracy theoristsbeverywhere, I created this fun Bingo game.

Feel free to add your favorite conspiracy buzzword!

h/t WeHuntedTheMammoth whose blog I just found regarding this disgusting episode, as part of which they had made a "GamerGate" bingo game. And for finding that blog, a huge hat tip to RationalWiki.


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In the words of our illustrious blog-host "...then they mock you...."

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Who needs Ghandi? Physics tells me all I need to know; if it doesn't speak to others, they can either educate themselves (admittedly a difficult and time consuming task) or remain happily secure in their ignorance (and their mockery.)

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Physics and engineering consulting. You mean, like I do in my day job?