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Conservatives Laud Thompson's "Go Die" to African AIDS victims

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From Think Progress, who are astonished that the right-wing Reaganites (remember, Reagan fought his own Surgeon General regarding HIV and AIDS, and whether the public health threat the virus and diseases posed should receive federal funding to identify and treat and prevent):

In a column titled “Callous Conservative” in today’s Washington Post, former Bush White House aide Michael Gerson criticizes Fred Thompson’s stance on international AIDS funding.

At a campaign stop last week, Thompson was asked if he, “as a Christian, as a conservative,” supported President Bush’s global AIDS initiative.Thompson said there are larger “problems” at home and that it was not his “priority” to fund HIV/AIDS efforts in Africa:

“Christ didn’t tell us to go to the government and pass a bill to get some of these social problems dealt with. He told us to do it,” Thompson responded. “The government has its role, but we need to keep firmly in mind the role of the government, and the role of us as individuals and as Christians on the other.”

“I’m not going to go around the state and the country with regards to a serious problem and say that I’m going to prioritize that. With people dying of cancer, and heart disease, and children dying of leukemia still, I got to tell you — we’ve got a lot of problems here…”

But the right wing is outraged at Gerson, rather than Thompson.

The right wing wants people who are brown to die.
They don't care how it happens or why it happens.
They don't care whether bullets, bombs, or bugs kill brown people, just as long as none of those things threaten their shiny white fannies.

AIDS has taken a devastating toll around the world, but in Africa it has done perhaps its cruelest damage, because it has laid waste young adults -- leaving children without parents; leaving elderly people without children; leaving whole nations without a workforce aged 25-60, on a continent where the ravages of

colonialism, neglect, unchecked religious and tribal wars, sexism, economic deprivation, drought and poverty weren't doing enough to kill the native populations off and leave the resources of the continent to the rapacious corporate overlords.

Thompson's laissez-faire stance, apart from its otherwise-unremarkable homogeneity with his "I don't give a flying damn about anything, I just want a Presidential retirement check like Ronald Reagan had" campaign, is based in his isolationism (or maybe in his general indifference). He claims spending US dollars to fight AIDS in Africa will do no good, and that the money would be better spent on other things; he elliptically suggests some of the problems "over here" in health care issues are actual diseases, but nowhere in his "folksy" comments does he address the real causes of the biggest crises in American health care: corporate greed, be it that of the insurance companies whose purpose is not actually to provide tenable patient care but to raise profits for their shareholders, or the sick inhumanity of the "investor class" that seeks to make money off human illness, suffering and death.

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Thompson is merely enunciating clearly the conservative position on the role of government in providing any kind of help to any person: it has no role.

The very fact that it impossible for individuals or churches or even denominational groups to address the problems of AIDS, cancer, heart disease, or any other malady affecting the human race seems to escape their tiny minds altogether. For so-called Christians to fall into this ideological rat trap is particularly ironic.

Any cursory reading of Jesus' words and actions in the gospels would have to conclude that he taught that the method of providing relief to the suffering, food to the hungry, and shelter to the homeless was far less important than the result. How could someone who claims to be a "follower of Jesus" refuse needed help to millions of people because the method employed might violate his political ideology? They couldn't, assuming they were rational - which of course, they aren't.

The greatest challenge we have in this nation is to move from a nation of "I" to a nation of "We". That should be the never-ceasing mantra of every Democrat running for office in this nation. WE are in this together and OUR heritage is a government that can help US achieve a better life for OUR selves and OUR children.

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as a stalking horse for McCain.

This got talked about, with that sort of lowered-voice, raised-eyebrow, don't-tell-anybody-I-told-you-this tone of voice from newsies obviously tired from a long day, in the South Carolina coverage.

Thompson and McCain are buddies. Very good buddies it would seem, unless promises of future consideration have been exchanged. You couldn't figure out why Grandpa Buford, who has no detectable fan base, no evidence of a deep belief in anything that he is using the presidential campaign as an opportunity to give exposure to, and plenty of other interests to which he could be devoting his time (the Thompson Twins for instance) was even in this fucking race?

He's there to blow the Jeebus horn just enough, as witness the conversation above, to pull the Xianists who find Huckabee too creepy (or, amazingly enough, too "liberal" for various reasons) out of the Huck column. This leaves McCain free to sweep up just enough R chips to give him the kind of victory he got in SC.

Brilliant strategy, actually. Remains to be seen if it can be exposed enough to piss off the Xians and put them back in Huck's pocket. Let us prey for such an outcome. :)