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The sage of Omaha is the kleptocrat of Versailles

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Mike Lux

I turned to page A2, and there was a classically cynical Dana Milbank column, trashing a Democratic member's press conference on health care and talking about Democrats trying, "to pick up the pieces of the shattered health care bill." The corporate ties between insurers and media companies

At the Washington Post Co., two directors are on the board of insurance conglomerate Berkshire-Hathaway, whose subsidiary General Re sells health reinsurance. In fact, Washington Post director Warren Buffet not only chairs Berkshire-Hathaway’s board, he is the company’s CEO.

Dana Millbank does not have a job inspite of the fact that he is a wanker, he has a job because he is a wanker.

First the Washington Post missed the financial bubble, then The Post supported the bail out. Both of these actions benefited Warren Buffet personally as the expense of readers and ultimately Washington Post Corp. shareholders. Now the Washington Post is against any accountability for the financial bust, especially for ratings agencies such as Moody's, which is owned by Berkhsire Hathaway. Again this benefits Buffet personally at the expense of readers and ultimately shareholders of Washington Post Corp.

Now The Post is opposing any sort of public option while hyping centrists such as Baucus who propose a mandate to buy insurance with subsidies (without ever mentioning the mandate to their readers. Again we see an editorial line that favors Buffet at the expense of readers and ultimately shareholders of the Washington Post Corp.

Rather than calling out Milbank or any other house wanker, it makes more sense to call on Warren Buffet to resign for the Washington Post board of directors. It is time to expose the Sage of Omaha as the Kleptocrat of Versailles.

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but Lux's point (that the media is ignoring support for the "public option") made my stomach turn, considering the extent to which Open Left tacitly (and directly) endorsed the exact same behavior when it came to single payer this year....

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there are none so blind as those who will not see.