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Conjuring a Veep

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Spouse and I were sitting around last night wonking (note: not wanking) about our "dream VPs." And truthfully, we were also arguing about whether Hillary has indeed been written out of the picture. I say yes. Spouse says "where's the evidence?" Pish posh.

Then the "a-ha!' moment. To plagiarize Seuss: I got an idea. An awful idea. Auntie Meme got a wonderful, awful idea.

Amb. Joseph Wilson or Valerie Plame.

Who's your deliciously fun long-shot?

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Submitted by amberglow on

they'd lose tons and tons more votes by doing that--it hurt Gore that Lieberman was on the ticket (and why that was the choice) and that was when he was still a Dem.

An actual Republican like Hagel would depress Dem turnout even more.

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Submitted by Pat J on

Neither Wilson has any use for Obama. If offered I have a strong feeling they would laugh in either one of his two faces. Just a hunch.

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Submitted by orionATL on

into two parts - one twelve hour shift each.

one v-p for the day shift.

this will be the person, like dick cheney, who helps obama actually function as a political executive. like bush, only more so, obama knows nearly zero about being an executive.

he has never been a mayor, a corporate executive, a governor, a military commander, a diplomat, a government executive, or a president.

not that having that experience is all that important.

and one v-p for the night-shift.

that person will be the v-p who can answer the 3am phone call for obama. so he does not look like a deer caught in a headlight as bush did while reading "why goats vote" to grade school children as the wtc burned and crumbled.

for v-p for the day shift,

i nominate michael bloomberg. i think he'll be obama's v-p anyway.

for v-p for the night shift,

i'll nominate colin powell. he's got military experience and is a big fan of "multi-politicalism" - that's the obama team's new term for "bipartisanship".

go(p) team!!!