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Confession time: I love my bellows!

This year I decided I was tired of coughing all winter from starting the fire in the wood stove by blowing on it, and getting all this horrible fine ash in my lungs. So I splurged on an excellent bellows: The Long John Bellows. It's made from wood, the bellows are suede, and the nozzle is copper, so I can direct the airflow right at the coals. There's no plastic. "Not a toy but a tool!"

So now my fire starts much quicker, I don't have to get down on my knees, and I don't have that horrible dry hacking cough so many Mainers have.

This seems to be the original manufacturer: Johnny Beard Company. They don't have prices in their catalog, so I assume that's why there are versions of these bellows all over the Internet from resellers.

If you haven't figured out a nice present for the person in your life with a woodstove, this will do nicely.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

I had to buy a insert a few yrs ago to replace the free standing wood burner. I now have to get on my old knees to put wood in it. I finally gave up on paper and use a self igniting propane torch with some kindling.

Submitted by lambert on

No, I'm not lighting my stove with a blowtorch! Eesh! I think you should think twice about this!!! What if you slip while the torch is lit?

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Submitted by jo6pac on

for the worry but my insert is only one brick high from the carpet. I'm on my knees putting wood into it and when I light it I seating on the carpet. I do this before I have a glass or many of wine;)