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Concerning censorship and Google News Alerts

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Censored by Google Alerts - Crossed Crocodiles on AFRICOM

Crossed Crocodiles began publishing posts on AFRICOM in February 2007, when the command was announced, and has been following its progress since then. For the first year of this coverage, February 2007 into February 2008, every blog post I wrote on AFRICOM was included in the comprehensive Google Alerts, News Alerts News Alerts, on AFRICOM. Sometime in February this year, 2008, there was a flurry of attention to Crossed Crocodiles blog from .mil sites. I get fairly regular hits from the US military and the contractors. They are more than welcome and I hope they learn something positive for the citizens of the US and the citizens of African countries when they visit. So I didn't think too much about it. Then this blog got a visit from Google itself, in Mountain View California, the first such visit to this blog to my knowledge. But I didn't think about it much or record the details. Soon after that, in late February or early March, Crossed Crocodiles posts on AFRICOM disappeared from the Google Alerts on AFRICOM.

Readers, any theories?

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Submitted by lambert on

My question would be who keeps the list; Google themselves, or... somebody else.

And, of course, which other lists this list is integrated with.

Do you do a lot of international travel?

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Crossed Crocodiles is not my blog, all I know is what I see in that post.

Good questions about the list, lists.

I'm sure President Obama will get right on this when he takes office. Yeah. Certainly. No doubt about it.