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The obvious solution, of course, would be a sharp turn to the left. Go where the real solutions are. Fight the good fight. Call liars ‘liars' and thieves ‘thieves'. Do the people's business. Become their advocate against the monsters bleeding them dry. Create jobs. Build infrastructure. Do real national health care. End the wars. Dramatically slash military spending. Produce actual educational reform. Launch a massive green energy/jobs program. Get serious about global warming. Kick ass on campaign finance reform. Fight for gay rights. Restore the New Deal era regulatory framework and expand it. Restore a fair taxation structure. Rewrite trade agreements that undermine American jobs. Rebuild unions. Fill the spate of vacancies in the federal judiciary, and load those seats up with progressives. Rally the public to demand that Congress act on your agenda. Humiliate the regressives in and out of the GOP for their abysmal sell-out policies.

All of this could be done, and most of it would be very popular, especially if it was backed by an aggressive and righteously angry Oval Office advocate for the people who knew how to use the bully pulpit to shape the narrative, to market ideas, and to mobilize public support.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

I mean, that would be ... like waving a magic wand!

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He didn't do well in his Tonight slot, but he had miserable support, with NBC and Leno destroying NBC's once grand 10PM lead-in franchise.

But Conan is riding very high right now, with renewed cred, so it was a tone-deaf meme selection.

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Conan a loser? How weird. (Warning: I have some vague acquaintaince to the O'Brien family, and I'm also, via an immediate family member, familiar with the poor scheduling choices NBC made. I had no idea Conan was widely regarded as the cause of the ratings dropoff. But then, I'm usually out of touch with the received wisdom, so, whatever...)

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I think the consensus, at least among anyone who's not a neo-Bob Hope fan, is that NBC is kicking itself to death old-school.

That said, hip can be overrated... much as I enjoy Conan and find Leno, though a talented standup, kind of appallingly mainstream.

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Yes, one would think -- that is, if one is to believe that Obama cares about Democrats, at all -- instead of going along with the disgusting and oh-so-typical corporatist media's meme that he's "pushing too hard" or that this was a rejection of progressivism/endorsement of Republicans, he'd recognize that what's going on is that he's disillusioned too many of his supporters (and potential partners) with his do-nothingness.

Now, every Nancy, Dick, and Barry is going across television groveling to the corporatists media and fringe tea partiers that they've "gotten the message" and need to "slow down." Excuse my French, but why not just do your fucking jobs, for once, instead of trying to appease the crazies? Why don't you actually empower the people that put you into office, instead of disempowering every group you'll need to stay in power? How many more governors and senators are you willing to lose before you actually get going?

I'll say it again, but rarely have I seen a majority act so much like a powerless minority. They lose one Senate spot, and apparently, a 59-41 majority means that they've lost the Senate. Instead of worrying about a filibuster, why don't you make those bastards filibuster instead of pleading powerlessness to those that elected you? What a joke! Hell, if they had 61 seats, they'd still find someone to paint themselves as a minority.

And, really, what's the difference between 60 and 59 when the party pleaded continuously during the health care debate that a good handful of those Democratic senators vote more like Republicans, anyway?

I have no doubt that this madness that is Democratic leadership will end...with Democrats going back to the majority, and returning to power the even less capable and even more dangerous Republicans, now newly reminted by its crazy fringe.

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But I'm out of touch with memeWorld.

What I have reason to know about Conan O'Brien: He's actually smart (nothing to do with going to Hahvahd; they'll let anyone in!) and funny, as are a lot of his family, and they are decent to people they run into who have service-type jobs.

Secondhand (via that family member I mentioned) I hear that Conan is also damned decent to his staff. I don't watch late-night TV as a rule, so can't comment on anything else.

I have a hard time connecting any of that to anything Obama has been said to do.

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FRD at the present time, and having lived thru LBJ's presidency, here's a dream I have: The O Man has a press conference and in it he announces that he is signing an executive order in which he will mandate that every American with a Social Security card will now be covered by medicare. For each person it will activated when it is first used. Now FDR truly lived in a different atmosphere, as did LBJ, but to do this by executive order might be effective with the Dems controlling both houses of Congress. Indeed, in this press conference he would further say that he is directing Congress to come with ways of funding this total inclusion in Medicare. The most important thing would be that he would now put the Repugs and the blue dogs on the defensive, it is now for them to change what he has decreed. I truly believe that the electorate would cheer the bold move, and he would then be in a fight of his choosing. And even if he came up with three quarters of what he decreed, he would be respected, and admired. What a fuckin dreamer I am!

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where are all the wimminz at?

Once again, a "progressive" fails to mention how 51% of the population is being thrown under the bus.

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One might think there is some sort of hysterical blindness to the very existence of women in progressivism, if one were inclined to generalize in such a way.

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