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Complexity is the enemy of quality

Page count for the new "health" "reform" bill: 1,990.

Page count for original HR 3200: 1,018.

Page count for HR676 single payer: 30.

But don't worry:

Every single one of those 1,990 pages has been examined, several times, carefully, by pharmaceutical and health insurance lobbyists, who have only your best interests at heart!

NOTE See here for a relationship between complexity and the ability to charge economic rent.

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Submitted by Bryan on

Every time they create massive page counts for a bill, you know they are hiding the things that people will hate by burying them in verbiage so they can claim that they didn't know about it.

I didn't trust a thousand pages, so I sure don't trust two thousand.

Submitted by hipparchia on

transparency in govt!

per the rules, it will be posted on the internet for 3 days before it gets voted on [or whatever the next step is] so that everybody can read it. of course, people are already complaining that it'll take at keast a week for them to read it [though anthony weiner quipped that barney frank will be able to read it in a day].

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Submitted by beowulf on


Off topic, but from your use of "economic rent", I can see you're a fan of Henry George. When you have time, you might be interested in this 2008 journal article by UC-Riverside economist Mason Gaffney, "The Hidden Taxable Capacity of Land: Enough and to Spare".

Long piece, but Professor Gaffney has a lot of interesting things to say. To pick just one, the constitutionally valid form of a federal wealth tax is to start collecting income taxes on unrealized capital gains (oh yeah, he points out that capital gains are a form of income, its the same tax regime).

Submitted by lambert on

I picked up the concept from somewhere (it's not land rent or ground rent) and then got Stirling Newberry to expand on it.