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A company owner who cares

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Good news for a change.

Much more like this please!

Wow. made me cry...

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"I may have given them the company," he said, chuckling, "but the boss part is still mine."

wow. nice guy, love his sense of humor, and still going strong at 81. i buy some of their products because i really like them, but now that i know a little bit more about the company, i can feel all warm and fuzzy inside for supporting a company like that. thanks for the link. i may have to splurge and buy something extra when i go to the grocery store tomorrow.

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Try their hulled barley (not processed) in soup especially, and it takes only forty minutes to cook. It is also really elegant in chilled summer soups. The 'Super Thick Rolled Oats' are GREAT in bread, and in fact I just made some chocolate oatmeal cranberry muffins with them. They have a new product called 'Rolled Barley Flakes' which, thought they aren't the same as rolled oats as they claim, they are great for a chewey white bread (which I'm consuming at present). They're 'Golden Couscous' is also great. And I just purchased some organic corn meal from them. BRM is a great company with a great product, which are sometimes hard to find, so now I just order from the company online. Oh yea, one other one: buckwheat pancake mix. Had that this morning with sunflower seeds and raisins natch! I love their buckwheat pancakes.

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thank you for posting this. normally i'm not all about trying to be "positive" just for the sake of making myself feel better. but I do appreciate hearing about the good "guys" and "gals" right now, when it is deserved.
i was feeling pretty hopeless about what's going on. i have so many friends whose grown children can not get jobs or health insurance and have to either live with their parents or ask the parents for rent every month. and they have no hope of it changing.
this is a guy who seems to appreciate the fact that his workers made his company what it is. go dude.
and their products are very good. i find myself cooking less and less these days and eating out more -- which isn't helping my health or my bank account. so i should start up with that again.
the only place i know of around here who sells their stuff is the dreaded WF though, so that is where i'll probably be headed. please forgive me :)