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THE COMMON ILLS re N-O-T-A Voting: "Make it Clear You Don't Support That Crap BEFORE The Election!"

From THE COMMON ILLS, Thursday, September 16, 2010--I Hate The War

Today's snapshot mentions Libbyliberal's post a Corrente but does't include a link. My apologies. In the post, she argues that those who would normally vote Democrat withhold their vote this November for the various crimes and ongoing wars. As noted in the snapshot, the likely outcome of the midterms is that Dems lose seats. That's historically the outcome and it's been the most likely outcome since at least February if not before.

So that's probably what's going to happen. Forget Libbyliberal's post for a moment. Pretend it wasn't written. Here's what happens in the weeks after the election:

*Dems lost.

*Dems lost because they were too liberal.

*Dems were out of touch and too liberal.

*The country doesn't like liberal.

*If Dems want to win, they're going to have to get more conservative.

If you find the above steps unlikely, you haven't been following elections for very many years. This is exactly what'll happen if the Dems lose the House. Instead of recognizing that ObamaCare is a poison pill for consumers and a gift to Big Insurance and the PharmaLobby, the claim will be, "See people don't want universal health care." Universal health care was not offered by Barack. There was and is nothing left about ObamaCare.

Barack has spat on the left forever and a day. He trashed the peace movement when running in the primaries....


Barack is a Corporatist War Hawk. That's all he is, that's all he'll ever be. And you can be damn sure that DLC Barack (the self-billed "New Democrat" -- which is DLC) and his pow-wow group will use a mid-term loss as their argument that they can't do anything and must move (even further) to the right.

Want to blow that (predictable) narrative? Make it clear that you don't support this crap before the election. Then there's a chance that the narrative after the election, should the Dems lose, has to compete with the reality that when Democrats sell out their voters, it will cost them votes.

But the only way that reality stands a chance of getting into the post-election analysis is if people right now start explaining why they're not voting Democratic and why their votes cannot and should not ever be taken for granted.

What a wonderfully reasoned argument for voting "NONE OF THE ABOVE" re legacy Dems at midterms!

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

I hope that anyone looking for a "progressive" home can find it in their hearts to vote for any Green on the ballot! We have been working hard, have the most liberal platform in the States, and we NEED the support of disaffected Dems. Please check out our platform, and see if that doesn't agree with your philosphy:

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Thanks for sharing that and your spirit.

NOTA voting. It involves moral imagination. And some have political imagination but if they don't have moral imagination this is really going to stir it up with them and it is high time! The moral imagination people, the moral people, deserve to be heard.

I don't WANT to do it. Voting NOTA. In fact, there is still time for the Dem party to BEGIN to give us change we can believe in. They say legislation goes to die in the Senate. It doesn't have to be that way. If there was the energy from honor, honesty, commitment, passion, empathy it wouldn't be so.

Reinstitute habeas corpus in the next five weeks. That would be nice. That would be a profound sign of seriousness. I mean, how many centuries was it in place? End executive right to assassinate. Desist drone attacks. Oh... how dare I? The military has a blank check on money and behavior.


I want the Dem party to know that I will do it if they don't seriously shape up. We are not talking tweaking here. Not much time and imho the Dem party has sunk deplorably low. And they don't have a Prez who is at all inclined to listen to the likes of us. As said above, a Corporatist War Hawk. But he can change, too. Never too late to turn it around.

I forget who once said, "The point of power is always in the present moment."

It will NOT BE OUR FAULTS if the Dems lose the midterms. It is their fault for losing us!!!! Tired of the blame the victim game in this country. They have chosen to be Republican not so Lite.

The American people have been an accessory to MURDER. I just read an article about how our drones are terrorizing Pakistan villages this very second. Innocent people face down the sustained threat of incineration for them and their loved ones every hour of their days while some young soldier in Nevada sits at the incinerating joy stick. Collateral damage, of course, a given. Life is cheap to the military and government power brokers. Not their own, mind you. But anyone else beyond their privileged gated community. Pakistan, supposedly our ally. Secret drone missions. Top secret don'tchaknow... but then there is good old American apathy and a corporate media that ignores what should be unignorable. Again, human life is cheap to those in power. The lives of those not in power. ANYWHERE!

Bradley Manning faces 52 years in prison for allegedly releasing evidence, overwhelming reams of evidence, even a friggin' video, of war crime behavior of the US government and its minions. The government and military under Obama scurries to cover up and punish HIM, rather than to begin to clean up its moral mess ... mess is such a minimization of that heart of darkness. The war criminals continue the war crimes. The engineers of the war criminality enjoy celebrity and are still preaching evil. Blind, witless Americans eat it up.

RE Bradley and his responding to conscience, look what is happening to him as the messenger. This is a message to all of us messengers. And this is a consideration in truth to power for all of us. It is a big choice, not to be made lightly.

The oligarchs now have received they estimate 12 trillion taxpayer dollars. They were already rich. They are much richer. For many their fraud has been rewarded by our supposed representatives, who turned out to be their puppets for our betrayal. And they are not done, this greed machine. There is a bit more to rape and plunder in soc. sec., etc. They are enraged they may lose their tax breaks. They do not care what is happening to their fellow citizens. In fact, many planned it. And the media and murdering rabid rat bastards will manipulate the citizens, the low informed ones, to help fight to protect their (the citizens') own rapists. Geeeez.

We have Nader who after so much he did for this country is vilified for helping Bush get elected, though election fraud sure helped Bushco, didn't it? And how the hell did a GW begin to get that many votes in this country???? Is that Nader's fault, our citizenry's profound stupidity and naivete and the cravenness of the political system that hoisted him up there? The system that has hoisted the pretender Obama up there? Nader should have allowed us the lesser of two evils? He had no right to run himself as the best candidate?

NOTA will be forever unforgivable to some, especially if it really takes hold.

There are Dem pols who deserve more credit than the NOTA stance can give them, but we have got to say NO. They say in growing up a toddler needs to take the enormous step to defy the all-powerful parent. SAYING NO IS THE CORNERSTONE OF IDENTITY. That is what it says in the psych books, anyway. We need to say that "no" for our maturity as a nation. Or will we continue to be opportunistically infantilized by a craven media and craven politicians. The public trust is a MONSTROUS JOKE!!!!! And we are, myself included, Good Germans, have been for some time now considering what the US government and military have done in our names. We are a rogue, murderous, sociopathic nation right now. That is a heavy message for people to accept.

We will be accused of being "purists" undoubtedly. What do we think? We should grow up and be realistic... pragmatic we will be told angrily. I always loved it when RFK said "some ask "Why?" but I ask, "Why not?"" Why not be moral nation? Why not honor partnership and cooperation over competition and power and money?

There may not be critical mass for this movement to happen. So be it. Then we won't be lightning rods as messengers for misdirected anger. This is a sophisticated kind of platform. That allows the simplest sound bite attacks. Like fighting for women's choice and having it be called out as "baby killing." I am already feeling some heat elsewhere in cyberland from some and we have barely begun. We will get it as individuals and as a website. Even just in floating the idea. Some are intrigued and brave and wise and want to sign up, some loud voices, though, are ENRAGED. Okay. It must be prepared for.

Many may choose to sit that out. We are going iconoclastic here. Group iconoclasm. We are breaking through the faux-morally superior ego bubble of Democrats. Tough bubble to pop.

It is also the choice of conscience vs. authority.

I know the rest of the world, the people who are not the U.S. bribe recipient puppets of our American power elite, are hoping we Americans, a strong segment of us, choose conscience. Can America wake up? Can America join the family of man and woman and child. Riding on the "myth of America" gave the power elite, the murdering rabid rat bastards and murdering rat bastards opportunities to con countries and plunder their resources and betray them. We as a nation have done great things in our past. We also have done horrifying things. To hear Palidino running for gov. in NY disrespect the Statue of Liberty on election night, go rabidly anti-immigration, was stunning. IMHO we have hit bottom as a nation and it is time to do the hard steps to recovery. Accepting what we have come to is step one.

I want to go back to the Golden Rule. Maybe after this we can start a citizens without borders movement.

Why must human beings die because of the egoistical madness and greed and moral weakness of leaders? I don't begrudge them their Gucci loafers, etc., and the perks of their power and celebrity if they were beginning to do their real jobs. But while wearing those Guccis they are dooming human beings to profound suffering and/or death! That I mind. That we should all mind.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

Obama resign! I also may vote Green. I also may write in Medicare for All. Whatever happens I'm not voting Dem this time.

Submitted by jawbone on

the numbers unless they reach a certain level.

So, if an impact is going to be made with write-in's, we need to have an agreed upon name or phrase...or person.

I kinda like HOSS (Hands Off Social Security). But could easily go with with MFA (Medicare for All).

My problem with NOTA is that it could be construed as being from either left or right -- and thus would fulfill the prediction that Dems will simply say, Ah, we've been too liberal.

I want my vote to tell Dems they're far wide of the mark and need to get back to their roots.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Look it up. Too busy. Writing in "Mickey Mouse" is one of the worst things to do. Write-ins, generally, get all mixed up especially if you write in something arbitrary like "Medicare for all". Undervotes or Green is a good way. Write in is useless.