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Common household remedies request

I've got two beds I put in this year near the sidewalk; they're vulnerable, therefore, to human and animal critters (deer, especially), and to winter grunge from the plows.

Functionally, the plantings near the sidewalk serve as a human fence; these new beds are next to a prickly raspberry patch.

So, my question -- and I know the week before Memorial Day is a little late for this -- is what should I plant in the beds?

They get the best sun; the soil is still clay-ish, but got one layer of sheet mulch with leaves over the winter, and a second layer of compost this spring.

I thought onions in one bed; I can lose a whole onion patch without suffering, so it's low risk, and also onions are odorous, and so serve as a fence in a second way. Also, onions, if not bulbs, are bulb-y, and an adjoining bed of iris is doing very well.

I thought ginger, but I can't be digging them up and moving them indoors over the winter; I just won't get around it it. Garlic would be good, but I should plant it in the fall.

So, ideas?

There is also the issue of Japanese beetles on the raspberries, but I'm resigned to using that bed as bait, so they don't go for more important things.

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Submitted by NWLuna on

Potatoes? They do require digging up in fall.
Zucchini? At least in my area, everyone has too many zucchini so they are a low-theft item. Summer squash? Winter squash? Except pumpkins which attract pumpkin-smashing imps come Fall.

You could always plant a cover crop such as red clover or fava beans while you consider alternatives. Or radishes which have a short cycle.

Currants form short bushes, usually with good fall color, and the fruits are are not very appetizing until turned into jam or jelly. Clove currant flowers smell fantastic in early spring.

Best of luck.

Submitted by lambert on

That's a great idea. I thought of putting some root vegetables there, but the beds aren't soft enough yet for daikon or carrots. But radishes are much smaller!