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Common household remedies request

I've got a couple of rosa rugosa I've planted along the sidewalk, in front of some beds.

They're part of my unfence: Prickly plants like raspberries, and now roses protect the garden from animals, including deer and humans. Both the raspberries and these roses (also known as "beach roses") are quite tough, and so next to the sidewalk is a good place for them.

But what should vegetables should I plant in the beds behind the roses? And are there good companion plants for roses?

I was thinking of onions for one of the beds, and basil (when it's ready) for the other.

And are there any companion plants that are good for roses?

However, what I'd really like to know is if there are any "complexifying" solutions for Japanese beetles, whose nasty grubs should be emerging soon from under the lawn I'm destroying as fast as I can.

By "complexifying" I mean this: An insect infestation is often a sign that the plants infested are themselves weak. A more complex (resilient) biological system can reduce or even prevent the infestation. Are there companion plants to roses and raspberries that Japanese beetles will not like? Are there soil amendments? (I have heard that "chitinase" from mussel shells is useful; and also anything that makes the stems and leaves spiky and unpleasant to chew.)

Or should I just accept that the roses and the raspberries are "bait" for the Japanese beetles, so they don't go elsewhere and do worse damage?

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