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Common household remedies request

Just ordered my seeds! And two luxury items:

1. A stand-up, "collinear" hoe designed by Elliot Coleman, which means I can be even lazier than I already am about the few weeds that make it through the sheet mulch, and

2. A roll of planter's paper mulch. This claims to raise the soil temperature by around 6&degr; F, so when I move my seedlings out of the jugs in the ground, I'll ring the stem with paper, and the shock will be less.

Here's what I ordered: Carrots, cukes, Asian eggplant, cantaloupes, tomatoes, green beans, daikon. I'll buy the peppers in flats. And the squash seeds are already outside in their milk jugs.

What I'm asking, though: I've had great success with using marigolds as companion plants for the tomatoes. Last year, thanks (I think) to that plus sheet mulch, my tomatoes were disease free!

So I'd like to know if anyone has had success with companion plants, especially with squash, canteloupe, and daikon. (Slugs seem to have liked the daikon, but I'm not sure there are companion plants for slugs.)

Oh, and I'm going to solve my distribution problem by giving vegetables away....

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Submitted by gizzardboy on

This isn't companion planting to keep away bugs or diseases, but I have set aside and am preparing the soil in a new area to grow potatoes and butternut squash together. Last year the butternut squash plants really took off and wanted to grow over the top of everything in late summer and early fall. Before that, they were doing well, but staying in their assigned spaces. About the time they took off, the potatoes were done and were dying back. So this year they are going to share space. I'm sheet composting the area with a layer of manure, then a layer of spoiled hay and on top, a layer of wood chips.

Submitted by lambert on

You're right, though -- now I know what direction they grow in, I can plan. Last summer they grew over the beet and carrot patches, but I got good yield there anyhow. Maybe what was accidental should become the plan?