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Common household remedies request

This year's compost and stone dust have arrived, so I'm going out to spread it around before it starts raining (again, and again, and again....). One question:

I have a recalcitrant rose. It was a gift from a friend who's very good at growing plants in containers (which I'm lousy at). I brought in indoors in the winter, and managed to baby it through until around February, when a combination of extreme cold and a smoky episode from the woodstove -- bad lambert can be forgetful at the keyboard -- sent it into some kind of shock from which it has not recovered.

So, I put it out, and nothing. No leaves, no growth. Completely dead? How do I tell? Should I cut it back? What to do?

NOTE My wonderful heirloom iris have not yet flowered. They must be very unhappy!

NOTE One more: I've got some poppy seeds. Scatter 'em on the lawn? Around the borders of the garden?

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What kind of poppies? California, opium, oriental, Iceland ?

Quick check for signs of life on your rose: scratch the bark w/your fingernail, if the cambium layer (second layer, right under the skin) seems wet and greenish, you still have hope.