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Common household remedies request

I just dug up my root vegetables: Carrots, parsnips, red and white beets. The ground is still soft (amazingly enough), at least a foot down.

So, is it too late to plant garlic?

I'd sure like to, but I've been remiss in my gardening this fall....

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Submitted by hells kitchen on

In Gilberties' book, Small-Plot, High Yield Gardening, he recommends planting garlic and onions in the fall around the perimeter of the garden plot. By doing this, when the onions, etc., come up in the spring, they help to keep pests out of the garden.

Gilberties' garden center business is located in Connecticut and his sowing times are for that zone.

I think that as long as your ground isn't frozen, you could probably plant.

Submitted by jm on

When faced with uncertainty in my garden I usually just plow ahead and give it a try. At worst, you lose the cost of a couple bulbs of garlic and the time spent planting (though time spent in the garden is rarely "a loss"). Even if the cloves planted don't produce you still have gained valuable knowledge about what doesn't work in your specific locale. At best, you get a spring garlic crop and knowledge about what does work. Either way you come out ahead.