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Common household remedies request

I have a ton -- well, two large Chock-Full-'O-Nuts cans-full of coffee grounds. Would I be better off dumping them right on the garden, or should I dump them in the quasi-compost heap that seems to be developing from Halloween pumpkins and dead leaves?

My sense is right on the garden, and get it started rotting right away....

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Submitted by hobson on

Here's what Starbucks says. But I found another source that said most of the acid comes out of coffee during brewing.

If you do dump it, I read you should mix it well with soil, leaves etc.

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Submitted by Andre on

I throw all of mine into the mulch facility along with tea bags (without strings). Earth worms love coffee grinds, they salivate over them, I've seen them. Why would you deny them a little happiness, after all, they're gonna give you back pure black gold? But seriously, the nice thing about a mulch pile is that it requires no effort of your part other than depositing stuff, and time and nature will do their magic and give you back such goodness. I'm currently drawing off one that's five years old - you should see the beauty of it.

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Like almost all gardening questions the answer is, it depends.
If you have acid loving plants and your soil is inclined to alkalinity you can use the grounds as a thin sparse top dressing. It will help keep your hydrangeas blue.
If your soil is inclined to be acid or you don't have an area of your garden where you grow acid lovers, layer it in the compost.
There are other variables like sandy soil in a high rainfall area, which renders the long term nutritional value of fall applications moot, but any organic material improves the moisture retention in sandy soil.
I have a suspicion you are talking about your veggie garden, in which case I would scatter it, dig it in, and plant a winter crop of legumes that you can turn under in the spring. Depending on where you live, of course.