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Common Household Remedies Request

I killed my first mosquito yesterday, when I was sitting at my desk. Unfortunately, my grand scheme to attract birds -- which presumably would eat the mosquitoes, at least if they were the right sort of bird -- by building them a nice messy hedge-y area fell to the ground, for lack of funds in time for the Fedco tree sale (though I still will be able to build a water feature).

So, I'm looking for alternative ways to minimize my mosquito population (besides avoiding standing water by fixing the leaks in my hoses).

One solution I've heard is bats. I'm not sure about that. Will they come in the house?

Another solution I've heard of is lavender. I might plant some lavender near my desk for beauty's sake alone, but are mosquitoes really repelled by its odor?

Readers, thoughts?

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

It's common for bats to live in attics IF they are afforded a way in; building house/s for them is not correlated. They'd probably already be in your house if there were a way.
Our house is visited every night by many times many bats from the bat caves we drove by last year. Our mosquito problem is minimal compared to other areas I've visited.
Bats are good...
Are the electric mosquito rackets available in the states? They are very effective with a pleasing crack when one is zapped; confirmation of the kill...

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Just to be clear; it's used just like a tennis racket. The other advantage is it doesn't kill "good" insects.
Having had dengue fever; I'll do whatever it takes to avoid another go-round.