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Common Household Remedies Request

This one not medical, thank heavens. I have a nest of racoons in my crawl space.

Any advice beyond "Call animal control?" (Which apparently the town once had, but no longer[1].) I mean, are they going to say "Wait until spring?" Because I would really prefer not to.

It also occurs to me that the mysterious absence of a settled and stable population of woodchucks might be that a tougher critter had already occupied the niche.

NOTE [1] A racoon lady, apparently. She'd take them out in to her house in the woods and give them homes!

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Submitted by quixote on

No helpful suggestions at all. Just some pessimistic mumblings about how you'll never get rid of them. Raccoons aren't stupid. It's winter outside.

Just guessing: they don't hibernate so they presumably have to go out and forage now and again. How are they getting in? Since they're nocturnal, could you wait for them to go about their business, and then plug the opening??

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Submitted by jo6pac on

soak a rag in pine sol and place under the house and put one in the garage also. You might have a pine sol smell in the house but the bandits well leave. Please do not get near them they can be nasty.

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Submitted by TheMomCat on

I know peppermint keeps out squirrels. I didn't know about pine

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Submitted by blues on

Do Not Mess With Them!!!

When I lived in Canaan CT, under Canaan Mountain (at the corner of Sheffield VT, and Millerton, NY), I had two baby (really small) raccoons come right up on my front porch. So I takes a broom and lodges it under the neck of one. I was a young dude, and powerful, but I could not even begin to push the little bastard off of my porch!

Even the baby ones are like huge bulldozers! Not something to mess with! The little critter chewed my broom handle in half (no exaggeration whatsoever).

Hire a big game hunter with a 50 gauge elephant gun!

Submitted by lambert on

After some positioning for coverage, and swapping their order, my two routers are working just fine. So I don't have to go to cable Internet, which is super.

I suppose I can go learn the command line thing if I need to, but I'd rather not, and if nobody's complaining, I don't need to. Phew!