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Common Household Remedies Request

Again, not so much a request, as an invitation to share in my happiness: I finally fixed the shower in my unit, such that I can now take a really hot shower!

(The mixing valve had gone, apparently due to a flaw of some kind in the design of the faucet). Anyhow, a legendary local plumber came and fixed it!

As you can imagine, I had become, if not exactly odiferous, not exactly spiffy, because it was so damned unpleasant to take a shower in a not very well heated bathroom!

OK, OK, #firstworldproblem. But still!

NOTE I am sort of in "Fix lots of stuff around the house!" right now, which is one reason I am posting irresponsibly lightly.

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Submitted by Jay on

Sounds like a Moen. No pun intended. I have a lot of those fixits too--replace the bathroom sink drain is at the top of the list. It's behind a wall.

Submitted by lambert on

It's a Delta. On the one hand, I admire you for being able to do things like replace drains behind walls. On the other, it's something I probably shouldn't be doing.

Hopefully, the world will allow me to continue without demanding such tangibles....

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Submitted by Jay on

You'll have to let me successfully complete that before any admiration is due! I watched a plumber do it on the other bathroom sink, so I have an idea of what I can/should do. Time consuming, irritating, just overall bad stuff.

Submitted by lambert on

.... I would have become an electrician or a plumber. Too late for that now!

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Submitted by katiebird on

Me too! I've been wondering how in a family as large as mine (I have 7 siblings, my husband has 4) we have no electricians or plumbers. And weirdly, we have a LOT of handymen/women who could have pretty easily gotten licenses.

Submitted by lambert on

I read the other day about a town Maine that offered to pay for a plumbing training if only the plumber would move there, like Northern Exposure.

But perhaps there's a reason why nobody wants to live there....

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Submitted by goldberry on

Sing, "Hey!" for the bath at the end of the day
That washes the weary mud away
A loon is he who does not sing
"Oh, water hot is a noble thing!"

Rely on Tolkien to recognize the value of simple things

Submitted by lambert on

.... or power, or hot water, or a phone, or anything but the space. However, there was a trade show in my then technical field, and a friend of mine had a room in the conference hotel.

So I was able to use that shower, absolutely scrubbing myself smooth and quite pink. It took some time.

Submitted by lambert on

First time in two years!

Actually, I fixed two things: My own shower, and the shower above me, where a kludge done a couple of years ago meant a drip through the hole in the ceiling I opened up to see what was there.

Maybe soon I can close the hole in the ceiling, though this time I think I'll add a hatch!