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Common Household Remedies Request

Actually, I don't have much of a request, except for a collective crossing of fingers, unless any of you heat with steam:

I turned on the boiler tonight, and the fire alarm in the basement went off, because (as it turns out) a pipe in the back of it was letting out steam:

There's certainly no crack in the back of the boiler or anything, and it looks like the steam is not coming out of the place where the pipe joins the boiler body. Still, why steam should be coming out of a water intake pipe, I don't know.

I had a momentary flash of panic that the boiler had been doing this all winter while I was gone, but no! Since the fire alarm would have gone off then, too. So "the system worked." It would be really nice if this was just a matter of packing a valve, or the build-up of crud and corruption, or something.

Crossed fingers!

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Submitted by lambert on

The short answer: Damned if I know. I can't tell from the pictures. What I do know is that whatever is there has been there for years and years.

As long as I don't have to replace the boiler, assuming I can, I'll be happy.