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Common Household Remedies Request

As I keep saying, though my photography is probably too poor to show the beauty of it all, I'm ecstatic with how my front garden came out. The zones (green lines) organize the space really well, and the cycle of wildflowers provides endless pleasure. Well, not endless. They're annuals. But you know what I mean.

That said, let me destroy the pleasure of the present by getting my head into the future by pointing out that there are two problems/opportunities. The first one is minor. I've labeled it "Bad lambert" because it's a dead spot that I've never figured out what to plant in. Now I think there's a reason for that: Nothing is meant to be planted there. If this year weren't so tight, I would have put in a water feature, so maybe I'll do that next year. Not only will it be pretty, it will attract more pollinators, and especially birds.

The second is more major, and it's labelled "Tall weed." How tall? As tall as a filbert tree.

Now, that tall weed is doing great things. For one thing, it's providing a backdrop for the zones closer to the sidewalk; it creates a miniature viewshed. For another, pollinators love it. But it's a weed; it simply isn't that pretty a plant viewed close up, despite its functionality. And I don't want it everywhere; I have enough weeds everywhere as it is.

So, can anybody recommend a plant that flowers for a long time, grows really tall, and is prettier? (I don't want a tree, because at some point the filbert is going to get over the trauma of having the gas pipe installed under it, and start getting taller. Then it will be do the work, in a permanent way, that the tall weed is now doing. Readers?

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... especially the tall grasses (I'm getting plenty of tall grass in the form of quack grass right now, which really is a weed).

However the phlox says "cool location." This area is full sun, and gets really hot!